Nail art clean-up brush (Product review: Born Pretty Item #40430)

Born Pretty Cuticle clean up brush #49430 @iamcherrylemon

Hi there,

I am sharing another product review post with you today, this is not about stampers, stamping plates or decals. I am reviewing a Born Pretty clean up brush, YES, a clean-up brush, not a very glamourous nail art tool. But if you do any sort of nail art, the chances are you will need a good clean-up brush.


What is a clean-up brush?

A clean-up brush comes in many shapes and sizes, mostly flat with short bristles. A clean-up brush is generally made up of acetone resistant bristle, the best being Kolinsky bristle, which is springy and can last you awhile. You could use some eyeliner brush, some shops do sell these and you could use those too. I find them useful but they do not last very long, as the bristle harden up or ruined easily. You do not have to buy specific brushes that are made for cleaning up. But you would find those brushes made for cleaning up, are really good at it!


Why do I need one? What is it for?

Unless you are one of the very few nail art wizards that are so careful and precise, and you do not mess up enough to need clean up, then thank you for dropping by and see you on the next post!

If you do nail stamping, gradient nails, water decals, watermarbling or fan brushing (or any type of nail art!), the changes are that your cuticles might need a clean-up after the fun part of applying the art!


I do find using a thin flat brush is easier for clean-ups. Dipping the bristle into Acetone or Acetone-free nail polish remover, and brush along your cuticle lines to remove any polish overflow, or any polish/decal that gets stuck on your cuticle. Acetone is very harsh on the skin, so I would suggest to use a acetone free polish remover for the job.


Other tools that you can use to minimise the need of clean-up;

  1. Cuticle protector tape/aprons (reviewed on my Top 10 Born Pretty items for beginner post)
  2. Sellotape (lots of lots of it), this works like cuticle protector tape/aprons
  3. Liquid latex / Latex-free cuticle protector
  4. Vaseline applied around cuticle area (can get messy! Hence I have not tried this..)
  5. Felt-tip pen style brush and cleaner (not really a prevention method)

Although, you can minimise clean-up by using the above tools, you simply cannot get away without the use of a clean-up brush.

As much as I like nail art, I just loathe the cleaning up process afterwards. I possibly spend up to 40% of my mani time on cleaning up alone, so I would appreciate a good clean-up brush. I am always on a look out for the perfect clean-up brush, that is not too thin or too thick and made of good quality bristle that last a good while.

Ps. These are my personal preference on a clean-up brush, you might prefer the complete opposite to mine!

Product review!

This is item #40430 on Born Pretty site, there are several option for bristle lengths. For my personal preference, I like firmer bristle so I chose the #01 option, the shorter and smaller sized brush. It costs $1.59 for one brush. It comes with a clear plastic casing to prevent damage in transit.

Born Pretty Cuticle clean up brush #49430 @iamcherrylemon

This brush measures 17cm in length, good balance and easy to handle. I like the fact this brush is flat and not too wide. (You can purchase wider brushes, they’re available at a 0.5mm intervals). It can create a very tidy and clean gap between the cuticles and the painted nail design.

I have been putting this brush to the usability test. All the manicures I did from mid-October till now, I have been using this brush as the sole clean-up tool or in conjunction with another tool. I also used it as a nail art brush to paint as well. You can check the effectiveness as an art brush in my video tutorial (link). I quite enjoyed using it as a nail art brush!

For the 2 months’ testing, it has been serving me very well, it did the clean-up very precisely which is something I never had with the other brushes.


  • Great quality bristle
  • Great value for money
  • Easily available (order via BPS online as they ship worldwide but shipping times vary)
  • Small and precise



  • Very really a fault, but I wish it can hold more acetone with the bristle. I can live with this as this is just the side effects of having a smaller brush!

Price: $1.59

Where to buy:

Overall Summary:

It is surprisingly good brush at this price point. It is comparable to the higher end clean-up brushes I’ve used that costing 2 to 3 times as much. I would recommend this clean-up brush if you are on the lookout for a new one! I average on producing 25 to 30 different designs a month, this clean up tool has last me for 2.5 months, I think this will last me another month or so with the abuse I am throwing at it! I am very impressed for this tool can put up with this test!


Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day!

5 thoughts on “Nail art clean-up brush (Product review: Born Pretty Item #40430)

  1. stashy says:

    I’m bad about cleaning up post-polish. I usually take a cuticle stick to clean up any wet polishes between layers of polishes but I never go back in after everything is dried to clean up. I have a brush that I bought at Sally Beauty Supply but I’m sooooo lazy about it! šŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

    • iamcherrylemon says:

      Hiya Stashy, it is an extra step in the process. Totally understand where you’re coming from! I hate clean up, but seeing the clean lines on my mani gives me an feeling of “completeness” haha. Sorry I know I sound so weird! It’s like a closure for me, a good finish šŸ˜Š it’s all about personal preference. I spent years wondering how ppl are so neat with their nail art, never thought about cleaning up šŸ™Š


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