26 Great Nail Art Ideas – Your Signature Style (Holo+Multichrome powder tryout!)

Hello and happy Friday!
Well well well! My final blog post for #26GNAI! I cannot believe it was a year ago since I started this nail art challenge. It took quite a bit of commitment to finish all 26 prompts for this biweekly challenge.
But I’m glad I’ve done it, I love nail art challenges.

So this week’s prompt is “Your Signature Style”…. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I love stamping and I love multichrome. So I completed this prompt using a new holo chrome powder sent to me for review, plus my own stamping plate and stamping polish.

Products used:

  • Born pretty stamping plate BP-L093, black stamping polish and the new Peacock Holographic Chameleon Nail Powder item # 40893 (comes with a runny sponge applicator)
  • Gel top coat
  • Superchic marvel holo top coat

Mini review on the holo chrome powder
Ok, first of all, I would like to clarify that I’m pretty late to this powder mani party, I don’t normally use chrome or holo powder. I have only just started using these powder with normal polishes.
This is the first time I’ve used a gel polish with led light. Haha I could have just said I’m a beginner!
Anyhow, I’ve tried this holo Chameleon nail powder with normal and with gel powder. The normal polish does work with this powder but for some reason the holo dust doesn’t want to stick onto the polished nail.
When I used a no wipe top coat, then the holo layer of the multichrome powder does stick and it really changes the entire look. So I would highly recommend that you use this powder with gel.
The powder was easy to use and I would recommend that you use the sponge applicator. Using the finger kind of removes alot of the holo particles.
Summary: Use gel polish/top coat and sponge applicator with this Born pretty holo Chameleon powder to get the expected result.

You can get this teeny tub of Peacock Holographic Chameleon Nail Powder #40893 for $1.99. it is currently on sale!

The stamping plate BP-L093 is $2.99 from Born pretty as well.

And!… I’ll do a round up post for all my #26GNAI manis 🙂

Thank you and have a gorgeous day 😉

Note. The holo chrome powder was sent to me for honest review.
This post does NOT contain affiliated links.

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