​Meebox May 2017 – Lost City (Unboxing and inspired nail art)

Hello there! Another month another Meebox, yay!  I’m too excited, let’s get straight into unboxing!

Box content:

  • Ruby Wing colour changing polish in “Hello Sailor” £9.95
  • Cuccio nail polish in “Pier pressure” £7.50
  • Annika “Blue Lagoon” £4.20
  • House of Wonderland Meebox Lost City water decals £5
  • NCLA “Take it Off” Soy remover wipes £12.50 from nail polish direct

Total box retail value at just under £40

Ruby Wing “Hello Sailor”

This is a UV colour changing polish. At normal indoor state, this polish is a paler shimmery orange. It turns into a darker shimmer orange while being outdoor. I think these UV colour changing polishes are better for the summer! I’ve been trying to use thermal polishes recently and it won’t change colours because everything and everywhere is just so warm. Good addition to my collection, I already have another one from Ruby Wing and I adore it!

Cuccio “Pier pressure”

This is a pale pink nude beige, a very flattening shade on the nails. I like this very much and have already used it in many nail designs. It is easy to use, opaque and looking gorgeous in 2 coats.

Annika “Blue Lagoon”

This colour is just stunning, a bright and beautiful teal blue fabulous for the summer months. It applies beautifully and dries to a gorgeous high shine finish. I believe everyone needs this polish in their collection, I’m definitely keeping mine.

House of Wonderland Meebox Lost City decals

I don’t normally use decals because I’m such a stamping addict. But I do love the convenience of a water decal, cut, wet and apply. It can’t possibly get any easier 🙂 It involves very simple steps and it can look stunning. The designs on this sheet is fitting to the theme “Lost City”. The only thing I don’t quite like about it, is that the designs are printed too closely together on the sheet. It took me awhile to carefully cut round the designs I like. But other than that, the decals works great.

NCLA “Take it off” remover wipes

My cuticles are very prone to dryness, so the idea of non acetone removal wipes really interests me.

After one use, I do find it doesn’t dry my cuticles like acetone does. It feels kinder to my skin and nails. It did a great job at removing my mani.
What is Meebox?

Meebox is a monthly subscription box for people who loves nails and manicures. It costs £20 a month postage included. Every month, there will be 3 polishes (or more), nail art and nail care items.

Nail art

Here’s a manicure I’ve created using all the items from this month’s Meebox.

I totally abused the dry brush technique here! But I love how it turns out, the “Blue lagoon” and “Pier pressure” create a scene of strong waves. “hey sailor” shimmers through and looks absolutely amazing as the base colour. So… Without putting any words in your head.. Does it look like crashing waves and evening sunset in the tropics? :p

For the accent nails, I’ve used dry brush technique again, created a base for the water decals. I do like the look of this, and will definitely recreate the “crashing waves” soon. 

What do you think?? 

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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