​It’s MEEBOX time! April 2017 “Soft Scoop”

Hello there! Hope this post finds you well!

I have a belated unboxing for you today! It has been a busy month at work for me, hopefully it will calm down a bit soon. I can hope.
This month’s box is themed as “Soft Scoop”, so I was expecting to see pastel colours. I don’t have too many pastel polishes so I was really looking forward to this box.

This box was slightly delayed due to availability of some of the items within it. But it was well worth the wait!
So, let’s see what’s in the box!?

  • What’s up nails WG010 Neapolitan Confetti RRP £3
  • What’s up nails Dripping stencils RRP £3
  • Zoya matte velvet lacquer £10
  • Iz Beauty Gel Effect Baby Blue 6ml £6 for 6ml
  • Trust Fund Beauty “Do you know who my father is?” £9 for 17ml
  • Models own Scented polish in Banana Split £4.99 for 14ml

First of all, I really liked the formula of the Trust fund beauty polish. It might not be a shade that I’d picked but it looks really nice, it applies so well but that’s one giant bottle of polish! 

Iz beauty polish, this baby blue is gorgeous but it is a tad too thin for my liking. I’ve applied 3 coats for opacity.

Models own scented polish, well well well, I liked the smell of the lid. I didn’t like the smell from the bottle nor when it’s dried on my nails. Despite that, I have no issue with the polish and loved using this for smooshy nails and gradient work. I would love to acquire more models own creme polishes. They will be fab too work with!

Zoya matte Velvet lacquer… It mattifies the nails.. does what it says on the can. It didn’t feel as smooth as my Freckles matte top coat.

My soft scoop inspired manicure

There’s a bit of everything here! I have smooshy nails on pointer and little fingers. Stamping decals on middle and ring fingers. Used a bit of stencils on the ring finger to create the melting ice cream effect. Added the round glitter onto the 2 smooshy nails. Busy, huh?

Products used:

  • Everything from the box including the matte top coat!
  • Uber Chic beauty stamping plate collection 9-01
  • Annika by Edge “White Swan” polish
  • Models own chrome Rose polish

I really like the matte look on this. Hope you like it too! Happy Saturday!

Thank you and take care x

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