Instagram Nail Collaboration to celebrate Nailseeys Birthday: Mermaid Manicure


Hello there! April is/was a busy month for birthday nail art collaborations! It is so lovely to be included in collabs to celebrate birthdays with IG friends. The nail art community on Instagram is crazy friendly, and I love interacting with like-minded friends. Yes, talking about nails all day every day!

Emilia’s sister got in touch with a bunch of us to complete a collab for her sister, it is such a lovely thing to do! Emilia (Nailseeys) is a super sweet girl with great talents and her designs are really great! Be sure to check her IG profile when you can, IG @nailseeys . Emilia’s sister has given us some prompts and suggestions, and out of the ones suggested, I like the idea of mermaid nails. I have not done a proper mermaid manicure before so it would be something new to me.


I have selected some pretty pastels for this mermaid set.

Products used:

  • Barry M Gelly nail paints in Prickly Pear, Fondant and Coconut
  • Barry M Foil Effects nail paint in Silver
  • EdK Ultra holo in Medusa
  • DRK Magic Garden stamping plate
  • Danglefoot nail polish in Cosmic Girl 2.0 and Don’t dangle about top coat
  • Random rhinestones obtained from destashes!


I like the way this set has turned out, it’s simple and pretty.


My thoughts on some of the polishes used!

Danglefoot’s Cosmic Girl 2.0 is a reinvented version of the Cosmic Girl, but this version contains a ton of silver flakes. I was very surprised that the polish laid on smoothly despite the fact I piled on for opacity! IT only required 1 layer of top coat.

Barry M Gellys are the legends! They are affordable, great on their own or used in nail art. Some of the Gelly nail paints also stamp but I have not tried any of mine yet! Gellys are supposed to be super shiny like gel polishes. They are easily accessible in the UK too. I do have quite a few Barry Ms J If you have been onmy blog/Instagram for some time, you would know I absolutely love stamping with Barry M’s foil effects polishes. They are very easy to use but unfortunately this line of foil polishes have been discontinued.

Ps. I have over 10 nail art posts to catch up on! Totally snowed under this time :p

Thank you for reading and I hope you like this manicure.


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