Instagram nail art challenge: #ClaireStelle8March and #StPatsDayNails2017, theme St Patrick's Day (Moyra Primavera stamping plate) @iamcherrylemon

Green St Paddy manicures: Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

Hello there! I have 2 green manicures to show you today! Celebrating St Patrick’s day, you supposed to wear something green, so the leprechaun won’t see then pinch you! Interesting, I never knew that… But wouldn’t mind finding a pot of gold if I find any rainbow today!!! It was crazy warm and sunny in the UK. 

First up, we have a manicure created using stencils from Sweet Lacquer. I was very lucky to win some of their store credits in a recent raffle prize draw. I spent the whole $25 on some beautiful nail stencils!

Products used for this mani:

  • Fair maiden Golden holo Archeress
  • Born pretty dark green and gold stamping polishes
  • Sally Hansen InstaDri Just in Lime
  • Sweet lacquer Celtic knots nail stencils

The stencils have very clean peel, I like them! 

Next, we have a green mani that I created for nail art collaborations. I joined the St Patrick’s day mani Collab with Donna, as well as the #clairestelle8March for the prompt “St Patrick’s day”. 

I rediscovered my Moyra Primeava stamping plate, it has so many pretty spring themed images on it. 
Products used for this mani:

  • MdU neon green stamping polish
  • Moyra white stamping polish and Primeava stamping plate
  • Little Ondine Copper Spark
  • Painted polish in Midnight Mischief
  • Glisten and Glow HK girl fast drying top coat

I love this mani! It has gradient, stamping and stamping decals. The gold glitter polish by Little Ondine is a peelable polish! So I don’t have to soak my fingers in acetone when I want to remove them. It stays on well and very easy to remove after wear.

Thank you and have a lovely Saint Patrick’s day!


3 thoughts on “Green St Paddy manicures: Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

    • iamcherrylemon says:

      Thanks Stashy! Yes that little Ondine is fab, and it doesn’t smell like normal polish. I don’t wear glitter much because I don’t enjoy the removal process. I have tried peelable base coat, it works some of the time 😌


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