(Macro) 26 Great Nail Art Ideas (Blue Floral) @iamcherrylemon

​#26GNAI 26 Great Nail Art Ideas – Blue floral

Hello there, today’s mani is for the #26GNAI prompt “Blue Floral”. I’ve gone for a silver holographic base with blue floral stamping images. Then I stupidly added some sparkling  rhinestones… It didn’t need them, but hey-ho 😛
Products used: 

  • Octopus Party nail lacquer in The Crown of Elizabeth
  • Moyra navy stamping polish
  • Mundo de Una’s turquoise Stamping polish
  • Uber chic beauty stamping plates 14-02
  • Love Angeline Topped with Love fast drying top coat

This Uber chic beauty plate 14-02 is very popular, I see manicures using this particular image all the time. Love it thou.

The octopus party polish holo is very strong, but it requires 3 coats, possibly 4 to be totally? opaque. 
The polish looks pearly gray in indoor natural light. 

I wanted to take pictures of this mani in the sunlight, to show off its holo but it is overcast today in the UK. I do like this polish shade but it would be perfect if it takes less coats to reach opacity! 

All pictures shown with 3 coats of OPNL with to coat under daylight lamp.

Thank you and I hope you are having a great Saturday.


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