Instagram Nail Art Challenge “clairestelle8Jan” (Theme: Animal) 14th Jan 2017 (Moyra Animalisic stamping plate and freehand leopard spots) @iamcherrylemon

​Instagram Nail Art Challenge #ClaireStelle8Jan part 1

Morning, hope you’re well on this fine day! 

Today, I’m sharing part 1 of 2 blog posts on nail art challenge. This post contains the 3 manicures I’ve completed for the challenge so far. 

Prompt #1. Nail Vinyls 

For this mani, I’ve used the Hypnose stencil by What’s up nails, this is available from Nail stencils UK.

The swirls is used with 3 Cirque Colour polishes, namely the famous Halcyon, Idyllic and Ambrosia. Idyllic and Halcyon used for the radial gradient. These are from the CC Winter collection 2016.

Vinyls are easy to use, the trickiest part for me was to get the stencil out and I wanted to keep the leftovers on the paper.

I’m not so sure about this mani, it certainly looked better in my head! 

Prompt #2. Silver 

For this prompt, I’ve created a stamping mani with metallic glitter accent. Very simple!

Products used: 

  • Uber Chic beauty Texture-licious stamping plate 
  • Barry M Foil effects in Silver 
  • Cirque Colours in Idyllic
  • Danglefoot Bluedapest
  • Rhinestones from Born Pretty 

Prompt #3. Animals

This mani is freehand leopard spots with blue and gold. Accent nail is a gorgeous image of a leopard face, this image is from Moyra Animalistic plate. With its white base, it looks more like a snow leopard 🙂

Polishes used: 

  • Opi Alpine Snow
  • Zoya polish in Goldie 
  • Hit the bottle polish in Electronic Indigo 
  • Born Pretty black stamping polish 

Thank you, and hope you have a great Thursday?! 


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