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Product review: Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Good morning, and today I am sharing a post on Moroccanoil Hair Treatment… yes this is not a brand new product and in fact, it has been on the market for over 7 to 8 years. We might have heard all the hype on the product as well as the bad points raised.

About my hair… and why I use Moroccanoil

I have thick, straight-ish hair that is prone to slight fizziness. I blow dry almost every single day and use hair straighteners. I do colour my hair regularly with home dyes and salon dyes. It isn’t the healthiest but it is not heavily damaged as well.

If I tell you I have been using Moroccanoil for the past 5 to 6 years… does it mean anything? Obviously, to me, this is one of the best home treatments that I have come across. There are nicer smelling, lighter feeling and cheaper alternatives. But I find myself keep coming back to this.

What is argan oil? Argan oil, the kernel oil of the argan fruit tree. These trees are rare and mostly only available in Morocco.

It claims to restore elasticity in dry, damaged hair. It increases shine and suppleness. It can be used as a finishing product as well as pre-treatment oil. This oil can help with decreasing hair drying time naturally or with hairdryer.

The main ingredients of Moroccanoil treatment isn’t argan oil at all. The first few ingredients are water-soluble silicones. The stuff that used in most high street hair treatment products and various conditioners. Cyclomethicone and dimethicone coats your hair and make it feels and look healthier, smoother and shinier. Yes silicone can cause build up on the hair with heavy use. With water soluble silicones, these rinse out easily but make sure you also use a silicone removing shampoo to cleanse hair of build-up regularly as a good practice.

It is to my surprise that Moroccanoil doesn’t contain a higher percentage of Argan oil. But after reading up on how heavy and weird-smelling natural argan oil is, I trust that it is best for Argan oil to be mixed with other oils. Like jojoba oil, extremely good for nails and cuticles but our cuticle/nails absorb it better when it is mixed with other carrier oils in lower concentration.

How I use this treatment oil? I often use this as a finishing product. I skip conditioner after shampooing, and apply this onto towel-dried hair before using a hairdryer. Do warm up the oil by rubbing your hands together.

It usually takes more than 20 mintues for me to blowdry my hair, so I do rely on this oil to protect my hair from heat damages. On the occasions that I did not use this oil, my hair does feel less healthy. Not as smooth, more knots and not so shiny. But it is important that you do not apply the oil directly onto your scalp, it will be far too greasy and oily even if you have dry-ish scalp.


  • Helps protect hair from heat and environmental damages
  • Speeds up hair drying time with or without hairdryer
  • Good hair finishing product


  • Expensive – Pricing is not very competitive
  • Low concentration of Argan oil for the price
  • Does not repair hair damages as it contains silicones to make it appear healthier


If you are looking for a nourishing hair treatment that repairs existing hair damages, then this might not be what you are looking for. I would recommend using a dedicated hair mask, or going natural and using coconut oil. But if you are looking for a hair finishing product that will make hair look and feels good then, you might want to consider Moroccanoil 🙂

My hairdresser has used the L’Oreal Mythic oil on me last time and I really love the fragrance! I might give that a go next time. Hopefully it would calms my fizziness!

Do you use any treatment for your oil? Have you tried this before and do you like it? 

Thank you and have a good day!


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