Precious Petals beauty box (British Beauty Blogger x Latest in Beauty) unboxing and review


Morning everyone!
Today, I’ve an unboxing + mini review post for you. I’ve purchased the Precious Petals beauty box from Latest in Beauty. It is a beauty box with products hand picked by the British Beauty Blogger, Jane Cunningham.

This time, the box contains 3 main brands namely L’Occitane, Metiva and Eroborian. Jane Cunningham’s beauty box creations are normally excellent value for money and the products are tried and tested by Jane herself. I’ve always been a fan of her beauty boxes.


It did not take long for the box to arrive, in fact, they delivered the box at 7.30pm exactly 2 days after ordering.
I’ve received it for over 2 weeks so I have had the time to try out the products on offer. It is true that it is not easy to yield any real benefits from skincare products in such short time. But usually, you can tell if you do or don’t like a product!

L’Occitane Divine Cream 8 ml, worth £14
This is one of L’Occitane bestsellers.
Official description: With 5 patents, the Divine Cream acts at the heart of cells to visibly correct all signs of ageing, for beautiful, younger-looking skin.


This cream really does what it claims to do. It gave me soft and comfortable skin upon application. It has a natural floral scent to it. The texture is slightly thick but creamy and easy for the skin to absorb it.
I believe you can probably see better results after continuous usage. Since it doesn’t contain SPF, you will have to apply a sunscreen lotion if you’re using this as a day cream.
For my combination (normal/oily) skin, this cream is fine and not too heavy. Will I purchase this at full price? I’ll have to have my pennies… £74 for 50ml!


L’Occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml, worth £8
I’m a big fan of the original Shea butter hand cream! This is my second favorite from the brand L’Occitane. It is also one of the reasons why I bought the box, knowing I would love this hand cream.
This Cherry Blossom version has a sweet floral scent that is very pleasing. I feel that it works well but not as well as the original version. It leaves hands lightly nourished and soft!

L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil 75ml, worth £7
I love almond scent so naturally I should like this shower oil. This oil leaves your skin nourished and moisturised. I didn’t need to apply another body lotion after rinsing. A very good product so no wonder it is one of L’Occitane bestsellers as well!
This shower oil is very fitting for a luxurious hotel bathroom shelve.

Melvita Rose Floral Water 28ml, worth £3
HA! I’m probably one of the very rare person not liking the scent of roses! This facial spritz is a very handy sized version. You can keep this in your fridge and use it to refresh your skin during the hotter weather (if we will ever get the Summer in the UK!).
I’m a regular user of facial spritz / spray. .. So for me, this is not a “wow” product. I understand it is one of Melvita’s bestselling products but it isn’t too impressive. It is only because I don’t like rose scented beauty products.


Melvita L’or Bio 17ml, worth £6.50
This teeny body oil is a blend of Argan Oil, Kendi Oil and Buriti Oil. It smells citrusy with a slight hint of floral due to the jasmine injection. This smells and sounds good enough to eat. After using this, I feel like I ought to be relaxing in a hammock on a tropical island!

Erborian CC Creme 15ml, worth £17
As a regular BB and CC Cream user, it would take a lot to sway me from my usual arsenal of BB/CC creams.
This colour correcting cream works great on nice clear skin that only needs a little bit of even skin tone. The coverage isn’t heavy with this so you’ll need to use concealer (if you normally do anyway). It lasts around couple of hours on my combination skin. After that I needed a touch up.


This is slightly expensive for what it can do (for me!), so unfortunately I won’t buy the full size item. I’ll go back to my Korean BB/CC creams 😛

Erborian Camellia Essence 3ml, worth £6
I love facial oils, they work really quickly and effectively on my skin. I’ll be reviewing my favourite facial oil very soon on my blog. Back to the mini review! For the times I’ve used this, my skin feels alot softer and more radiant the next morning. I do like this!

The Precious Petals Beauty Box (Erborian Carmellia Essence) @iamcherrylemon

The Precious Petals Beauty Box (Erborian Carmellia Essence) @iamcherrylemon

In summary. .. I’m not too overly in love with this box. It is decent for how much it costs, but I wish I love the divine cream and the facial spritz too.

The box also contains a voucher of £10 discount for each of the brand featured in this box. Plus a postcard for the user to send the feedback back to Latest in Beauty. So we have a chance to tell them exactly what we think!

The RRP value of the box is over £60, the cost of the box including postage is only £20.
If you fancy grabbing yourself a box then there are still some boxes left on Latest in Beauty website (Not affiliated).


Thank you for reading and have a lovely week ahead.


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