Review: Burberry Eye Colour Contour in Dusky Mauve No. 116 and Rosewood No. 112 (Photo Swatches)


Morning Everyone! It is nice and lovely in the UK and not too cold! Although, a little bit of snow will be nice 😉 Today, I have a quick review post for you.
Few days ago, the UPS man has delivered these babies to my doorstep. I’ve been trying and testing them on myself, and to find out how they perform? Read on! 🙂

Burberry has launched a collection of 7 shades for these Eye Colour Contour range. I have absolutely no idea why these are called eye colour contour? It would be more fitting to be called eyeshadow sticks? It could be too common and not fancy enough 😛

These Eye contour pens lasted a good 6 hours without primer with minor fading, which I’m very impressed with. They do set well but not as quickly as Kiko shadow sticks. It is smudgeproof!
These two chosen colours can be blended well together. To remove, please use proper eye makeup remover! I’ve used a Nivea makeup wipe the first time round, I had to kinda rub it off with slight force 😦
I switched to use my trusty Chanel Gentle Biphase eye makeup remover and I have no problem ever since.


It gives a light wash of colour with 1 swipe. It could be too light a wash for some makeup users.


Swatches are done with at least 3 swipes!

Happy with these, I now wished I didn’t buy the Eye Colour Cream (reviewed here). Those are great colours but I love the format of these shadow sticks! I find them alot easier to use and to carry around with you.


Price: £23 for 1.5g, Burberry online
Made in Italy

While we are on the topic of eye makeup… Have you heard about this eyeshadow palette by Too Faced? It is called the “Peanut Butter and Jelly palette”. It looks and sounds so interesting, as with recent palettes from Too Faced. This palette is made to smell yummy! I cannot wait for its launch at the end of Feb! Woohoo!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


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