10 simple things that make me happy #Tag

Hello 🙂 Happy Tuesday everyone.
I’ve first come across this tag on Annie’s Beauty blog, it is a lovely post to read as it makes me think of those little things that could make me happy.

These are small simple things but yet it can be so important to one.

My 10 simple things that make me happy

1. Seeing my parents and family (always bring a smile to my face). Everyone get lovelier as we all grow older!


2. Waking up to bird singing with the sun shining (not hard for me, as there are plenty of trees around 😛 Sun shining is hard as I do live in the UK!)

3. Being by the UK seaside… We’re not talking about white sandy beaches! More like grey pebbles, but there’s something special about UK seaside. I also love the smell of vinegar on hot chips or the sweet scents of freshly made doughnuts. These are English seaside specialities!

British Seaside @iamcherrylemon

4. Hubby surprises me with my favourite flowers (then challenge me if I’ve noticed any fresh flowers in the room).

Surprise Bouquet @iamcherrylemon

5. Having my two big fluffy cats around me always cheer me up and make me smile. They are my happy cheery  fur balls!

My Cats @iamcherrylemon

6. Love seeing the flowers from my garden blooms.

Garden Flowers @iamcherrylemon

7. Home baking! I’m very happy experiencing with new recipes. But get a bit frustrated when it doesn’t work. I have this “I will not be defeated” mindset so I will continue until I succeed or run out of ingredients!

8. Having a good catchup with friends over Dim sum.

9. Listening to classical/instrumental music instantly lifts my mood. I recently bought few Richard Clayderman and James Galway CDs. They’re on constant repeat / loop!

10. Very British Bluebell walks. .. like being in a Lavender field or poppy field. Bluebells are a sure sign for warmer UK weather. We get wild bluebells during April until May. Lavender in full bloom from May to early September.

Lavender Field @iamcherrylemon

I want to thank Annie for creating such a lovely tag. If you haven’t come across Annie’s blog yet, please check it out. Annie is a very lovely lady, she specialises in highend beauty products and her photographs are beautiful. It makes you want to buy everything 😉

To you, Thank you for reading! So what makes you happy?

Please feel free to tag yourself to do this, you won’t regret it 😀


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