Review: Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet (Red Wine, Makgeolli, Seaweeds and Rice)

Tony Moly Im Real Sheet Masks (Red Wine, Makgeoli, Seaweeds and Rice) @iamcherrylemon

Tony Moly Im Real Sheet Masks (Red Wine, Makgeoli, Seaweeds and Rice) @iamcherrylemon

Hi there, today I’m reviewing four Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheets. I purchased these from TesterKorea during their brand sale event (25% discount). Watch out for their regular sale events. Great time to stock up on sheet masks!


I’m Real Mask Sheet – general attributes

The fit and cutting of the mask is good, it covers the entire face up to 95%. 5% not adhering to the skin due to the normal face contouring. However, the eyes and mouth placement are very good.

  • There’s 21ml of essence for each of these masks. It feels adequate and not too much at all.
  •  Each mask is made with 3 layers of rayon pulp
  • 5 free system: these masks are free of Paraben, Talc, Benzophenon, Triethanol and Tar Colouring

The usage instruction for each mask is the same. Put the mask directly onto clean skin, leave on for 20 to 30 mins. Massage the excess essence into the skin after use.


Red Wine (Pore Care)

Tony Moly I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet for Pore Care @iamcherrylemon

Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet for Pore Care @iamcherrylemon

This is formulated specially for pore care. It evens uneven skin texture and minimise pores.

It contains red wine extract (1000ppm), this is 0.001 grams per litre! Tiny tiny amount.

It also has other botanic ingredients such as green tea extract, Rosemary extract and Rooibos extract.


I’m not a big fan of red wine infused face masks. Don’t boo me but I don’t touch alcohol and the smell of wine is not something I look forward to smelling!! But I can imagine many lovely ladies would love this!

I’ve tried the Innisfree version of red wine mask. This Tony Moly version smells less of the alcohol scent.

My thoughts:

It was pleasant to use, the scent totally disappeared after 5 mins. The essence was easily absorbed into the skin. My pores didn’t appear that much smaller, but I liked how it left my skin looking brighter and more hydrated. The leftover essence felt slightly sticky on the skin. If I wasn’t so tired, I would have washed it off!

Score: 3 out of 5


Makgeolli (Skin Purifying)

Tony Moly Im Real Sheet Masks @iamcherrylemon

Tony Moly Im Real Sheet Masks @iamcherrylemon

Makgeolli is a alcoholic beverage created with rice or wheat. It has been a very popular drink for farmers in Korea. As with sake, it has notably good skin benefits.

This mask contains 10,000 ppm makgeolli extracts. It claims to leave your skin bright and radiant.

My thoughts:

This mask probably has the best scent a mask can have. It is very faint and it smells of expensive skincare products! I loved the scent.

This mask contains an adequate amount of essence. It feels so comfortable on the skin. I actually fell asleep with it on for 10 mins. When it was removed after 30 mins, the leftover essence did not feel sticky on the face. I really enjoyed using this mask.

Score: 4 out of 5

Seaweed (Skin Purifying)

Tony Moly I'm Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet for Skin Purifying @iamcherrylemon

Tony Moly I’m Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet for Skin Purifying @iamcherrylemon

Official claim: Seaweeds mask makes skin look bright and radiant with freshness of the sea.

My thoughts:

It does leave the skin feeling hydrated. The scent was pleasant; it doesn’t smell like artificial sea scents. Good mask but not my favourite. I am not sure about the skin purifying properties, the result might be more noticeable with regular use.

Score: 2.5 out of 5


Rice (Clear Skin)

Tony Moly I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet for Clear Skin @iamcherrylemon

Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet for Clear Skin @iamcherrylemon

Saving the best for last! This mask smells great, I am kinda addicted to this. The official claim for this mask, “Rice mask makes dull skin look radiant and glowing”. I am happy to report that this is not far from the truth.

My thoughts:

This is by far the best Tony Moly mask out of the four. I love how this mask feels on the skin, even better feeling afterwards. It has left my skin very soft and smooth. The leftover essence was good and did not feel sticky at all.

The skin looked bright and healthy in the next morning. I would most likely to repurchase this mask, and maybe try the other options too.

Score: 5 out of 5!




  • Good fit to the skin
  • Good value
  • Adequate amount of essence in each mask
  • Good results for day to day type of mask
  • Easy to find (good availability online)

Where to Buy: Under $1 USD plus shipping from TesterKorea – not affiliated!



Thank you for reading and wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead.

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