YSL Babydoll Mascara product review

YSL Babydoll Mascara @iamcherrylemon

YSL Babydoll Mascara @iamcherrylemon

Hello there! Happy Friday everyone. I’m reviewing the YSL Babydoll Mascara today.
Very dangerous as this is holy grail mascara for many people!

First impression of the product

YSL Babydoll Mascara @iamcherrylemon

The packaging is gorgeous, sleek gold tube with red writing “Babydoll”. It is probably one of my prettiest mascaras in terms of packaging!

The product
This mascara has the driest formula I’ve ever used. I do prefer dry formula so I’m OK with it.
It has a big flexible rubber bristle brush, the bristles are soft and short. It supposed to give lengths and help with definition. The mascara has a scent to it, not too intrusive nor annoying.

YSL Babydoll Mascara - Brush @iamcherrylemon

YSL Babydoll Mascara – Brush @iamcherrylemon

YSL Babydoll Mascara (Packaging) @iamcherrylemon

YSL Babydoll Mascara (Packaging) @iamcherrylemon

This mascara is smudgeproof but not waterproof. Thanks to its unique formula and how the mascara coats your lashes, you don’t have to worry about getting smudges.

My take on the product
I like this mascara’s long-lasting properties. But it requires proper makeup eye remover for removal. It’s like removing tiny hallow tubes from your lashes!

YSL Babydoll Mascara @iamcherrylemon

YSL Babydoll Mascara @iamcherrylemon

I received a sample of this same mascara after purchasing the full size.
One issue that I do find with the full size, is that it can clump if you load too much mascara on the bristles. The sample doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem. I have to learn to wipe off excess mascara before application every single time.
This would be a great mascara if it holds curls better too.

Long lasting formula
Very luxurious item in one’s makeup bag (looks so lovely!)
Average lengthening but good at volumising
Dry formula

Doesn’t hold curls well
Can clumps if there’s too much mascara build up on the wand (even on first coat)

I’ve curled my lashes before applying 3 coats of mascara in the swatch photo below.

YSL Babydoll Mascara (Before and After photo swatches) @iamcherrylemon

YSL Babydoll Mascara (Before and After photo swatches) @iamcherrylemon

Overall Summary: It is unlikely for me to repurchase this. I can get better results with other mascaras both low and high end brands. This might be a great product but it just doesn’t do anything for my super straight stubby lashes!

Have you tried this YSL Babydoll Mascara before? Did you get better results with yours?

Thank you for reading 😀

8 thoughts on “YSL Babydoll Mascara product review

  1. Charlotte's Web says:

    Interesting! I used to always use YSL mascara (the False lash effect one) for years and I loved it. I haven’t tried this one but I think I will stick with the False Lash if I buy YSL again. I’m using Urban Decay Perversion at the moment and that is pretty comparable. x

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