Top 3 Korean Beauty Trends for 2015!


Top 3 Korean Beauty Trends @iamcherrylemon

Hello and welcome! We are in the middle of February already, where has the time gone? Do you want to know what is going on in the K-Beauty world?

There are millions of consumer products out there, it could get quite confusing to those who are new or only just got interested in Korean beauty and skincare.

Sometimes, it is just nice to take things slowly, one step at a time. Being bombarded with too much information often deter people away!


I will share top three beauty trends in the K-Beauty world with you and I hope you will find it useful.


  1. Skincare: “Hydrogel masks”


Hydrogel Masks @iamcherrylemon

You might be familiar with sheet masks and sleeping masks (if not, I have written a little paragraph at the end of this post about these). Last year, I have come across hydrogel masks and believe this is going to be huge in 2015 as people are testing and trying masks for a while now, good feedback is spreading like wildfire! This will be trend that the western skincare world will catch on sooner or later.


These are very much like normal sheet masks but has a thinner sheet, and in addition it has a gel layer. Upon opening the packaging, you would find plastic film and gel mask(s) folded neatly. The plastic film is only there to prevent accidental damage (when you open the packaging!). So remember to remove it before use.


There are hydrogel masks for the face, the under-eye area (see my review on KeySkin), for laughter lines and neck. If you’ve heard of other types, please let me know!



  • Fabulous fit for most face shapes; most hydrogel masks come in two parts to give even better fit. (It feels like your face is being hugged by the mask!)
  • Super hydrating
  • Adheres to contour of your face, no air bubbles!
  • Restore elasticity into the skin
  • *Forces* any essence into the skin instead of evaporating away
  • Fabulous for drier skin types


  • More expensive than normal sheet masks
  • Looks like more waste for a one-use product, but hopefully manufacturers will start producing eco-friendly ones soon (same as other sheet masks!)
  • They take longer to settle onto your face, so might not be able to wear the mask and walk around (sit and relax, easy!)
  • The gel can be teared / damaged if not careful, but it does not affect the overall effectiveness

There aren’t many hydro-gel masks on sale in department stores or drugstores in the Western world. But you should check out, as they ship to the US, Canada and Europe. Offering competitive prices on a wide range of Korean brands.


  1. “Natural ingredients in skincare”

To me, Korea is the pioneer for skincare innovation made accessible to the public. It seems they are so advanced with the technologies, the so-called skincare saviours ingredients are widely used and priced competitively.

Why natural plant based ingredients? We all heard of some weird and wonderful ingredients, being *the* selling point of various products. We had snail mucus extracts, donkey and horse oil, bee venom and spider web extracts! While these on-trend ingredients might come and go, I believe there is a massive customer group who would prefer the plant based, super potent yet “kind to skin” ingredients. I also believe that skin also needs to take a break from all the chemicals we are putting onto it.

So what have we got? I’m talking about the good old green tea, the acai berries, aloe vera, almond and argan oils etc. For every skin and hair concern, there will be plenty of natural plant based ingredients that can help with it.  I am looking forward to letting my skin take a break from time to time, and nourish it with something gentle, kind and natural.

Ps. I was once in the same group, very shy of any unusual ingredients! It took me months to get over snail mucus extracts. But once I have tried it, it was so good to my skin I have never looked back!

Informative Read: Naturally active ingredients list by Liz Earle


  1. Beauty, Makeup Trends: £Coloured eyeliners”

Yes, yes, this is not a brand new trend. But from what I can see and hear on “celebrity beauty” blogs and vlogs. This colour liners are making a huge comeback, not just in Korea but in the western world as well.

The look is keeping rest of the eye makeup simple and the pop of colour on the outer lower lash line. The reason why we are keeping the eye makeup simple (a slick of mascara on curled lashes) is to make the colour liner pop even more. Korean famous makeup artist / vlogger Pony, often wearing a purple mauve liner look on herself. Runway looks in UK and Europe also have minimalistic eye look. But they are using fashion-forward white eyeliner! It does take some guts to wear white liners!
Check out MAC technakohl liners, they have such brilliant a colour-tastic range!


Try this look! It is very easy to do, since this look is popular in both East and the West. It will be a trendy look you are sporting wherever you are in the world!


Quick K-Beauty Dictionary!

Sheet Masks are often a thin piece of cotton or similar material, cut in the shape of a face with shaping and contouring for the eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and forehead. The sheet material is often soaked in skin benefiting serums, essences or ampoules. Often targeting certain skin concerns, such as hydration, brightening or anti-ageing etc

Sleeping Masks are like night creams, where you apply the sleeping mask (tub of cream), sleep with the product on and not rinsing it off. The product will continue to work while you sleep. This is a fabulous way for busy people to fit in some pampering. They are often for skin nourishment, hydration, repair and brightening.


Thank you for reading, I hope this is an interesting read for you. I enjoyed blogging about these trends, and really looking forward to discovering more!



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