For your eyes only… Kao Steam Eye Mask product review 

Kao Steam Eye Masks @iamcherrylemon

Kao Steam Eye Masks @iamcherrylemon

Hello there! Finally reviewing something funky today! Kao steaming eye masks! “Why would you want to steam your eyes?” I heard you say 😛
Well, they’re really good, so read on!

What is it? What do they do?
These are one-use eye masks with self heating properties. Once opened,  the mask can heat up to 40c and when worn on your face, it creates a steam pockets over your eyes.
You won’t be able to see any steam but it sure gets warm and creates moisture. Surprisingly, it is very soothing to the eyes.
Each mask is made with ultra thin cotton and it doesn’t feel scratchy.
There are quite a few aromas/scents to choose from; chamomile- ginger, fresh rose, lavender sage, eucalyptus breeze and unscented (my preferred option)

Kao Steam Eye Masks @iamcherrylemon

Kao Steam Eye Masks @iamcherrylemon

Who is this for? 

  • VDU (visual display unit, computer monitor to you and me) users
  • Office worker who suffers from dry eyes, due to air conditioning
  • People who work outside all day with sun and wind
  • Eyes that get tired, with red veins appearing and your eye whites turn not-so-white (signs of eye fatigue)
  • Or generally for people with dry or tired eyes

To use:

  1. Open foil packet carefully not to rip the eye mask
  2. Unpick the eye loops at the back
  3. Find the slit in the eye mask (make sure it is aiming down towards your mouth. This makes the mask fit snuggly to your face and over your nose bridge
  4. Wear the mask, looping the ear pieces over your ears
  5. Sit down and relax for 10 to 20 minutes
  6. Dispose when the mask has cooled

You should consult your doctor prior to using that if you are sensitive to heat; insensitive to heat or on medication.
You should discard if you do find it too hot for comfort.
So please read the information on the packaging before use.

My take on the product
I suffer from dry eyes syndrome. Everyday my eyes get dry and tired as I work infront of a monitor for over 8 hours a day in an air conditioned office.
There’s nothing more soothing than having one of these masks at the end of the day. My eyes would feel refreshed and comfortable. I normally have difficulties falling asleep (takes 45mins to over an hour to fall asleep).  Since the heat is soothing and comforting. I often wear this to sleep and I do find it very easy to relax and sleep. So this is kinda my life saver!

Kao Steam Eye Mask Try-on @iamcherrylemon

Kao Steam Eye Mask Try-on @iamcherrylemon

Price: Less than £10 for 14 in Japan drugstore; £7 for 4 on EBay UK; $20 for 14 masks US sites

I love this product and have bought enough backups from Japan and my sis in law have also bought boxes for me 😛
I know a warm damp towel will do the same job very well. I would still prefer to use these as it’s convenient and easy to use. I’m not going to fall asleep with a damp towel haha

Have you tried these self heating eye masks before?

Thanks for reading! Have a great week ahead!


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