NOTD Graffiti Manicure using multi-coloured foil

NOTD Graffiti Manicure using Foil @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Graffiti Manicure using Foil @iamcherrylemon

Morning! Another day, another NOTD! Today’s manicure is a super easy one to complete and yet looks pretty striking!
This is also my day 14 challenge for the #NailartJan by @Californails on Instagram. Today’s theme is “New Technique”.
Very exciting! I am a newbie in nailart so most techniques are new to me. For the challenge, I have picked to complete a foil manicure. This is something I wanted to do for a while but never got round to actually doing it.

For today’s manicure, it requires the minimum polish, tools etc.

  • Bobbi Brown polish in Navy (Any base colour that you like)
  • Nail foil glue (very cheap at around 99p!)
  • A piece of coloured nail foil
Graffiti Manicure polish, glue and foil

Graffiti Manicure polish, glue and foil

1. Apply 2 layers of your chosen base colour
2. Apply thin layer of nail art glue, this forms your pattern. I randomly painted 2 to 3 strokes per nail (like dry brush mani) and leaving the rough and untidy edges. It gives the graffiti look I was looking for.
3. Wait until the glue turns transparent and then press your piece of nail art foil onto the glue. Make sure you place the foil shiny side up (the coloured side).
4. WALAAA Foil manicure is complete. You can apply top coat if needed.

This is my first attempt at using foil, if I knew how easy it was then I would have played with it earlier!

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this NOTD.
You can check out my other NOTDs for the #NailArtJan challenge on Instagram 🙂

Have a nice day


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