Dirty Gal, nothing dirty at all blah! Unboxing of Memebox Superbox #78


Memebox Special #78 Dirty Gal

Hi and how are you doing today. We are almost a week into January already! How did everyone do at the sales? I only picked up a few bits and some goodies from Selfridges.

Today’s blog post is on a very interestingly named box, it’s the Dirty Gal! The meme community was expecting lots of mud masks and bird poop products etc.

Official box description:
Think dirty. Play dirty. Cake fights, sticky syrup, muddy tracks, grease stains and more, these are some icky-sticky situations you wouldn’t want on your skin and body… or do you? We sure do. Say bye-bye to Miss Clean Freak and unleash your inner dirty girl with this box – bursting with so-called “dirty” but oh-so-fun beauty ingredients! Join in on this hot mess because it’s all about dirty fun, fun, fun in this box! Use these effective goodies made with“dirty” ingredients, plus fun textures to rev up your skin and body care routine!

So what have we got here?

Memebox Special #78 Dirty Gal - Unboxing @iamcherrylemon

Memebox Special #78 Dirty Gal – Unboxing @iamcherrylemon


Box Contents:
1. Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream 50g, RRP $46


Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream @iamcherrylemon

Dr. MJ Real Mucin Restore Cream @iamcherrylemon

Snail cream! I love snail creams 🙂 Like most snail mucin creams, this cream helps cell regeneration and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.
I’ve used another snail cream (from Snail box #1) and it was very effective but slightly fiddly to apply. It makes my skin feels moisturised and supple, but I cannot use it every night with it being so heavy on the skin.
This Dr. MJ version feels alot lighter, almost like normal moisturiser cream. I feel that this is more suitable for my oily combination skin than the skin house brand version. They smell very similar, like fresh grass and this Dr. MJ one is less stringy.
I’m happy with this cream and have already bought a back up of it 🙂

2. B&SOAP Mamie Blue 130g, RRP $29


B&SOAP Mamie Blue Wash Off Mask @iamcherrylemon

B&SOAP Mamie Blue Wash Off Mask @iamcherrylemon

Ahhhh this is the “Smurf facial mask”! This is much a fun product to use. With our UK meme group, we’ve set a Sunday as our “Smurfette” night! This is when we all use this mask and post a selfie looking like a smurfette 😛 love it.
OK back to product review! This mask is enriched with peppermint and evening primrose oil. I can definitely smell and feel the peppermint (refreshing!). It was incredibly difficult to spread onto my face, the texture is clay like but spongey, it did take awhile to make the mask stick to my face! A lady in the meme-group said it was easier after mixing the blue mask with small amount of water.
It contains some berry seeds but I’m not sure what those were for. Certainly not exfoliating enough. ..
The mask is known to be very good at vacuuming out skin impurities, excess oil and dirt. It lifts off dead and tired skin cells. For me, I feel it did do a good job of decongesting my skin. This is a good mask with great fun factor.

3. Esthetic House Mayo Pack 120ml, RRP $12


Estetic House Mayo Pack and Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil @iamcherrylemon

Estetic House Mayo Pack and Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil @iamcherrylemon

This hair treatment does not contain any mayo as it was inspired by it only. So it looks like mayonnaise, but it certainly doesn’t even smell or feel like mayo :/ In fact, this hair treatment pack is almost scent less.
Just use this is a deep conditioning conditioner, as you apply it after washing your hair and leaving this on for 3 mins.
I do like this hair treatments from Memebox.

Estetic House Mayo Pack @iamcherrylemon

Estetic House Mayo Pack @iamcherrylemon


4. Pure Smile Muddy Girl 15g (2 units), RRP $4


Pure Smile Muddy Girl mask packs (Pearl-yellow, Mud-green) @iamcherrylemon

Pure Smile Muddy Girl mask packs (Pearl-yellow, Mud-green) @iamcherrylemon

These are one-use wash off masks, they often pop up in memeboxes! I received the pearl and the clay versions. Although these are one-use items, each pod contains more product for one application. So you can store in an airtight plastic bag and save it for couple nights later. Or have a mask night with a BFF.

The mask looks and smells like a standard clay mask. It felt a bit itchy for me for the first few minutes, luckily it went away after the initial itch!
My skin did look brightened and evened out my skintone.

To use, spread evenly over cleansed face; leave for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.
These costs around £2.99 + shipping  on eBay UK

5. Cleomee Natural Donkey Oil 80ml, RRP $83 (!!)
This is a body oil containing natural donkey oil, also the oils of grape seed, olive,  annatto, jojoba, sun flower and macadamia.
It does not contain paraben, colouring, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol and mineral oil. Donkey Oils are known to be very nourishing and moisturising to the human skin. There are talks over how donkey oils are obtained, how donkeys are treated in the farms etc. I won’t go into another discussion but please look into it if you have issues with using donkey oils.
This body oil does not smell like normal body oils, it’s an unaltered type of oil scent. It wasn’t as smelly as I initially thought. It feels heavy upon application but my skin seems to happily absorbed it in within 5 mins. Please note I have tested this on my body and not the face!

Total meme-retail value of the box is $174 and the cost of the box was $29 plus shipping.
Very good value box, but unsure if I would buy the body oil for $83! Despite not being an overly exciting box, I’ve used and liked all the items in the box. Score 5 out of 5!

Would you try these “slightly weird” skincare products?

Thank you for reading!


This post contains affiliate links.

From now until 31st January 2015. Get $3 off any order over $30 (excluding shipping and tax), use the discount code: O8WNBL



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