K-Beauty Haul and first shopping experience with Beauty Net Korea


As a beginner in K-Beauty, I’m slowly incorporating Korean products into my beauty and skincare routines.
Always checking out the most recommended products from other beauty addicts. But cute packaging often get in the way.


I couldn’t pass on a 15% limited discount so I went to place my first order with BNK. I’ve heard good things about the ecomm site, they offer reasonable prices and fast at dispatching the goods (still snail mail).

Delivery from dispatch to receiving the order into the UK for around 10 days. Customer service team response quickly.


Haul contents:

  • Tonymoly Shiny foot peeling masks
  • Tonymoly New Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm
  • Etude House – Skin Note Hydrogel Mask [5pcs Set]
  • Tonymoly – Mini Peach and mini Cherry Lip Balms
  • Tonymoly – Petite Bunny Gloss Bars
  • Holika Holika – Heartful Lipsticks
  • Etude House – Drawing eye brow pencils
  • It’s Skin Macaroon Lip balm
  • Tonymoly lipglosses (these are free gifts)


I was browsing the site on my mobile, but for some reason it just doesn’t remember my basket content.i gave up after entering the order 3 times. Then I used my laptop next. ….

It went smoothly until I got to PayPal page. I clicked on submit order but the whole page went blank.


I’ve actually accidentally double ordered, my first order went blank after I’ve signed into PayPal. After checking my mail and PayPal, I couldn’t find my order so I was feeling quite frustrated having to re-enter the whole order again. Here I go, re-enter the complete order again! Yes, this is the second order :/ I didn’t actually know until I received 2 despatch notifications. Then 2 emails pop up from PayPal. .. the air turned cold. . I tried contacting BNK, they did get back really quickly but couldn’t help me because both orders have already left the warehouse and sitting at the airport!

So the boxes took less than 2 weeks, during this time I moaned about it on fb group and thankfully many offers to take the foot peels off my hands. You know who you are, you have baby soft feet now right?
But thank you, didn’t think I could use 8 foot peels on my own!

BNK also included a big bunch of free samples per order too πŸ™‚


Moral of the story is, happy shopping with bnk but be mindful clicking on that “Submit Order” button!

BNK :Β http://beautynetkorea.com/

Thank you for ready!

14 thoughts on “K-Beauty Haul and first shopping experience with Beauty Net Korea

  1. Patricia Ivy says:

    Omg that was about to happen to me. Luckily I was reading this πŸ˜€ idk but because of the website change (I ordered at bnk before) it became really laggy. I didn’t know pressed on the submit button twice. After I saw this I rushed to see my orderlist to find that it was processed twice

    Thanks a bunch for posting this! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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