All feet to be treated the same! Quick unboxing of two Foot care boxes (Memebox Superbox #39 Footcare #2 and Superbox #77 Foot Therapy)

Do you neglect caring for your feet?
For me, I love my legs and feet, not because they’re beautiful or slender, in fact, they are far from that! But I care for my feet and legs because they never failed to get me where I want to be. I appreciate that alot…

When ordering these boxes, I was thinking of getting foot care products for certain person as x’mas presents! At least it is something useful and won’t go to waste!

The Foot Care #2 was received couple of months back during a restock, and I have picked up Foot Therapy recently.


Superbox #39 Foot Care 2


“with shyan” Sugar Foot File 70g (?), RRP $12

Bog standard foot file, it physically remove hard skin on your feet by friction. I think I will utilise the foot peeling balm instead, I don’t like these foot file. Although, the file does look very nice in pink and light blue.



“with shyan” Women Powder 10g, RRP $13

When I first unboxed this, I thought “what is women powder???”

This is a powder has a cherry blossom fragrance, aims to keep your feet silky smooth, oil free and odour less. Basically, talc powder with strong odour removal ability!?



“with shyan” Women Cream 150ml, RRP $11

So again, “what is women cream??!”

This is a foot cream that’s enriched with cherry blossom extracts, it delivers intense hydration, nourishment on application. Suggested to use after foot scrub, for the feet to fully absorb the cream.



“Petitfee” Dry Essence Foot Pack, RRP $3

This is foot mask contains concentrated foot cream enriched with aloe vera extracts for deep hydration, nourishment and softening the harden skin on the feet.

Instructions for use, slip masks onto cleaned feet. Rest for 15 to 20 mins.



“koelf” Peeling Balm 40g. RRP $13

This is a moisturising balm for softening calluses on feet and even elbows.


“Lahabitat” JJ Foot Cooling Foot Mist 40ml, RRP $14

This mist was formulated using Camomile water, lavender water, apple mint leaf extracts and rosemary leaf water. It is moisturising as well as refreshing, it aims to sooth, moisturises and reduce odour.


“Aromawiz” Spa Aroma Salt 50g, RRP $19

Received the Happiness option. You would use this like any other bath salt! I actually love soaking in salt baths, it is really relaxing and some bath salts such as Epsom salts great for muscle relaxation.

This pack of salt was made with sun-dried bay salt, essential oils and natural plant extracts.


Total retail value of the box is $85, the cost of the box was $23 plus shipping.

This is not a high value box but a very practical box indeed, as for most of us often neglect looking after your feet unless it is summer months!



Superbox #77 Foot Therapy

One of the newer foot care boxes, I picked this box up knowing I will have a happy recipient for this box. This seems to be a great box, everything you need to beautify your feet. You have products to remove old, dry harden skin, products for revealing *new* feet, product to maintaining the nicely polished feet and even products to keep them smelling sweet!


Okie here’s the box contents:


“Lassha” New Cool Foot v2 150ml, RRP$18

A feet freshener spray to eliminate bad odour and maintain foot hygiene. This can be used over barefoot, socks, and shoes. Not sure how effective it will be when sprayed over shoes.


“PureDerm” Callus Reducer Heel Patches Jojoba patches 4 packs, RRP $14

I have seen peeling foot masks, moisturising foot masks but not seen these heel patches. Heel patches are used for reduce callus build up on feet/heels. It repairs dry, cracked heels by infusing it with jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and shea butter.

These patches are to be used over dry cleaned feet overnight and rinsed with water in the next morning.



“with shyan” Professional Foot File RRP $9

This is a professionally crafted foot file, I am not a profession so I have no idea what a foot file needs to shape like but if I had to create one… it will shape like a normal one (just like this one?! hahaha

But this will come in handy for quick removal of hard skin on heels. I guess you cannot not have a foot file in a foot care box right? Good old on-the-spot hard skin removal, ready whenever you are!


“Mizon” Magic Peeling Foot Mask 40ml, RRP $11

Fabulous, another peeling mask for the feet! I have been offloading some feet peeling masks on FB groups as I made a double order on BNK!

This little guy will be going to the box recipient!

Like all foot peeling masks, you wear the flimsy plastic socks.. add the peeling liquid and wear them for around 1.5 hours. Rinse with water and pat dry. The hard skin should start to peel within days and after 5 day or so, the feet should be soft and hard-skin free.



“Holika Holika” Baby Silk Foot Mask 18ml, RRP $3

This is not a peeling mask. It is a normal foot mask  which aims to boost moisturise to the feet. This mask contains a blend of shea butter, urea, peppermint and aloe to nourish the feet.
To use, slip dry cleaned feet into the mask socks, wear for 15 to 20 minutes so the essence have enough time to penetrate into your skin.


“Holika Holika” Healing Nails Cuticle Oil 10ml, RRP $2

I have used cuticle oil for finger nails before, never realised or though I could and need to use this on my toe nails too. I guess it makes sense. But just need to remember to do so!

This cuticle oil is formulated with various plant extracts and it helps to nourish dry, cracked nails and soothing dead skin at the same time.



“Calmia” Soft Foot Cream 100g, RRP $18

So after using the peeling mask and foot file, you will want something to keep your newly polished feet nice and soft, then you get this little foot cream by Calmia. This looks like a great cream, it contains shea butter (skin’s best friend!) and macadamia seed oil to repair skin. I love a good foot cream!


“Tonymoly” Shiny Foot Scrub Wash 100ml, RRP$7

To maintain fresh and polish feet, you can use a foot scrub regularly as it is more gentle then using a foot file on a daily basis. This Tonymoly version is formulated with peppermint extracts to freshen the feet. It gently buffs away dead skin cells and also work to moisturise the feet.



Total retail value of this box is $82, and the cost of the box was $23 plus shipping.


Foot boxes are not very high in value, the products are often very USEABLE. Then again, I haven’t heard of any anti-ageing products for the feet. Now, that’s an idea!

If people are looking after their faces and hands, surely their feet should get some treatments too!


Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed this quick post.



This post contains affiliate links.

From now until 31st January 2015. Get $3 off any order over $30 (excluding shipping and tax), use the discount code: O8WNBL



8 thoughts on “All feet to be treated the same! Quick unboxing of two Foot care boxes (Memebox Superbox #39 Footcare #2 and Superbox #77 Foot Therapy)

    • iamcherrylemon says:

      Aw Thank you for stopping by 🙂 You’re so clued up on Asian skincare so I think you’ll pick an awesome box! I’m still learning more about Korean skincare product 😛 but really having fun trying them out!


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