YSL Fusion Ink Foundation… is this futuristic perfection? review and photo swatches


Hiya! I’m super excited to review this product. I haven’t got so excited over a base product for a long while!
Of course, we’ve heard all the hype around this foundation, such as 20k people on waiting list prior to official launch? No idea if it’s all true but I’ve heard YSL counters have been *restocked*.

I gotten myself couple samples of the foundation in shades BD40 and B40 a while back. For your reference, I’m currently in shade Mac NW25/Estee Lauder DWear 2W1.
I’ve been using the foundation samples for 4 weeks and have gotten the full size in my chosen shade.


The packaging
It’s gold and its sleek, the bottle is made of frosty glass so it will look very pretty on your vanity. But not something you would travel with (for that,  just get a small sample bottle!  It’s brilliant)
I like the side bar where you can see how much of the foundation you’ve got left. Not that I’ve finished many bottles.

The gold lid comes off and the wand is attached to the black plastic screw top.
There’s no pump for dispensing the foundation. The *wand* picks up a minimal amount so you do not use more than you need. For me,  it really did make me feel I wasn’t using as much product as normal.

The product
Fusion Ink feels very light and airy. On skin, it definitely can make the skin feels smooth and look smoother. I did ask the YSL lady if there’s any silicone in it. .. Because this is how it felt, silicone primer and foundation in one swipe. The YSL lady informed me that there’s no silicone,  and it feels this good on skin because it’s made with space technology.
OK I’m no Enstein but I’m not about to fall for such wishy washy explanation! But it doesn’t matter, the foundation contains ingredients that absorbs excess oil and sebum. The foundation evaporates on skin and you’ll be left with a matte finish base that (claims to be) lasts 24 hours.

This foundation comes in 16 different shades and tones (there are 21 shades available in the US).

To my surprise, B40 is slightly darker and slightly more yellow toned than BD40. I’ve been testing the samples for the past 4 weeks and finally bought the full size after my samples are close to running out.


Again, the *wand* is great at picking up small amount of foundation. There really isn’t much need for overloading the product.

I’ve tried it with brushes and sponges, I find it works best with a brush (I’m using Sigma f80 or Real Techniques expert face brush) for a hi-medium coverage and by using the trusty beautyblender, it gives the best natural finish. I’m growing to like the natural finish alot. ..


My take on the product
I love my matte foundations for colder months.
This foundation gives a lovely matte finish, it does look like beautiful skin. Unlike other matte foundations, which can make the face look one dimensional and requires contouring and highlighting to make my face look life-like again. I find this dries/sets pretty quickly, I applied powder bronzer onto it within 5 mins.

I’ve been using this foundation day in day out, it lasts me around 9 hours before the foundation on my nose wears off. I admit I have a rather oily t-zone thou! It is a shame, as I really want this to be perfect. It looks perfect, I just wish it can conquer my oily t-zone! Fusion Ink definitely lasts very well on rest of the face.
I reckon you really do not need to use a primer under this foundation. It would suit normal to slightly oily skin.

If you’re interested, make sure you get colour matched and use the foundation for a good few times. My friend got matched 3 different shades at 3 different places. So trust your own judgement on what shade you’re looking best in. Lovely ladies at the ysl counters work under some funny lighting. So give the foundation a chance by matching and checking your shade in natural day light.

Price: £30.50
Availability: Major department stores and YSL Beauty online
Overall Score: 4 out of 5

So, is this a futuristic perfection? To me, it isn’t yet. But I am very happy with this 😀

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


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