Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 Happy Days theme @iamcherrylemon

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 Happy Days theme @iamcherrylemon

Happy Saturday everyone!

While I’m doing my normal clock watching at work yesterday, my friendly postie arrived and brightened my day with my Sept BirchBox!

Having 2 of my friends unsubscribing from BirchBox after last month’s box… I was hoping this month’s box will contain some super cool items to entice them back!

BirchBox UK September 2014

BirchBox UK September 2014 “Happy Days” theme @iamcherrylemon

This month’s theme is Happy Days, things to remind you of the old good days. Birchbox even invited subscribers to tweet their “happy memories” photos, some are printed in the product card. Lovely way to get subscribers to be involved.
Birchbox also has teamed up with Photobox to include some discount codes for subscribers. Some lucky boxes might contain the legendary beautyblender. I’ve already got 1 from the June box 🙂
The actual box this month has also gotten a makeover, and can be converted into a lovely bright photo frame (instructions is printed on the editor note). It’s very “Blue Peter”! (Google if you haven’t heard of blue Peter hehe most British kids grew up watching it! )

Ok let’s dive in,  shall we?

Themed Happy Days BirchBox UK September 2014 @iamcherrylemon

Themed Happy Days BirchBox UK September 2014 @iamcherrylemon

Agave Healing Oil Treatment
This is a treatment oil for hair. Instruction states that I should use a 5p (its like a dime for US currency) sized amount. ..hmmm probably 10p (US quarter coin) I think!
I haven’t heard of this brand before but I’ve been using hair oil for years now. Moroccan oil is my usual brand. Let’s test this out!

Benefit It’s Potent!  Eye Cream
This is the item that is included in every September BirchBox. I don’t think this needs much introduction? This is one of Benefits bestselling skincare product. I’ve still got my sample from my August box. Am I picky/unreasonable? but I think if they planned to include this in all BirchBox for Sept then this product shouldn’t be included in last month’s box.

Korres Citrus Shower Gel
The brand is OK. I am not that excited because I’ve finished a mini bottle of this gel not that long ago. Product is ok 🙂

Model Co Power Lash Mascara
During August,  subscribers were sent an email to pick one if the items in their Sept box. I’ve picked mascara and that is what’s in the box 🙂 can’t have too many mascaras, right?

Lifestyle extras
Urban Fruit – Magnificent Mango
I buy dried fruits from this brand regularly, it serves as a lovely snack as it’s kinda trick you into thinking you’ve eaten 1 of your 5 a day 🙂 I’ve shared this with my work colleagues within 5 mins of opening this box (so this snack is not in the picture!)

BirchBox Happy Days photo clip – in bright pink!  One of my favourite colours 😀
That’s all folks!

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 “Happy Days” theme @iamcherrylemon (2)

Another bye bye to subscription boxes this month.

“BirchBox, it has been great knowing you. Until we meet again,  here’s the good byes…”

If you are interested in BirchBox. You can choose to sign up using my link, in which we will both get £5 credit to spend in BirchBox online store for the beauty and skincare products. You do not have to use my link, you can sign up in any other way ok? No pressure.


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