Makeup Revolution complete “Flawless Collection” nail polish set photo swatches


Hello there, today I can finally swatch all the polishes from the MUR Flawless Collection. These are very wearable shades for Autumn and Winter.
MUR nail polishes are £1 each which is already a bargain! But this flawless collection is currently £5 for all 7 polishes. The consistency of the polishes is on the thin side, therefore I prefer using 3 coats 🙂


From experience, 3 coats lasted me 5 days after that it started to show tipwear.

All swatches taken in direct and indirect sunlight, using 3 coats of polishes and without topcoat.


Go to the City (Gold) – this is a light non-yellowy gold. Great for a night out anytime of the year!


Flawless (Taupe) – a wonderful metallic light taupe… Can you tell why MUR is calling this Flawless? MUR has the eyeshadow single in the similar shade called “Flawless”. Very universal taupe that would look good on most people.


Absolute Flawless (Taupe with copper tone) – this is like Flawless but with a slight red copper tone.


No Good Waiting (Red copper brown) – A darker chocolate red shimmery brown polish.


Make Me (Moss Green) – a true metallic shimmery moss green. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do!


Take Me (Rich Purple) – ahhh my favourite of this collection. Probably the one with the least shimmer but it still looks stunning. The hue is rich and 3 coats made it looked perfect.


Maybe Tonight (Grey/Black) – an interesting shade, this doesn’t have as much shimmer as the others. I would call it a smokey black.. Kinda looks like the colour “Nearly Black” with tights/pantyhose.

Lovely! £5 can get you all 7 bottles, each with 10ml. The application is OK as the polish is not thick. But some more metallic shades will appear streaky with 1 to 2 coats, but with 3 coats the streaks look less obvious. The polish dries quick and at times there are little bits within the polish. I believe this is something with the batch as no all shades have this issue.


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this swatch post 🙂


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