NOTD Ruby Wing Doux, a nicely scented and colour changing nail polish!

Just as I thought thermal polishes are cool and best thing since sliced bread. Here comes the polish that’s reactive to light and also scented! Yes a nail polish that changes colour depends if you’re indoor or outdoor!?


When I bought this off a lovely lady on the fb nail group. I didn’t even realise what this was, I originally thought it was a nice sheer pink polish made by Ruby Wing.


This is Ruby Wing Doux, a scented and light sensitive nail polish.



In indoor space, this polish is a beige base shimmer with iridescent pink/purple. It is pretty as it is šŸ™‚

While outdoor, this polish can appear as a dark shimmery purple. It kinda matches the colour of the Lavender plants behind my hand :p


In terms of scent, Doux smells of artificial grapes and berries… it still has a scent to it after I have washed hands numerous time and also under 1 layer of top coat. I never followed the scented polish trend before, but finding the scent amusing in a way?


1 coat is sheer but it will still changes colour pretty well. I have 2 coats plus 1 layer of Seche Vite top coat for the swatches on this post. I can assure you that the INDOOR colour is not as yellow as it appears on this picture, it is more pinky in real life.



Price: Ā£5 to Ā£8 on eBay

Overall Score: 4 out of 5 I love it! It’s fun watching the colour changes šŸ™‚


Fun Factor: Another 5 :p




What do you think of these colour changing, scented or thermal polishes so far? Or do you prefer to stick with normal polishes?


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