Beauty Box Deluxe Samples for body and feet #SkincareFridays product review

Beauty Box Skincare Product Reviews SkincareFridays @iamcherrylemon

Beauty Box Skincare Product Reviews SkincareFridays @iamcherrylemon

Happy Friday everyone! 😀
Yes this post is exactly what the title suggests,  body butters and skincare products from beauty boxes! Beauty boxes includes deluxe sample sized products, so consumers can test the products properly before buying the full sized items. As a bbox newbie, I’ve received and reviewed a only few boxes so far, namely BirchBox, Latest in Beauty (British Beauty Blogger dream box) and a few more adhoc boxes which I haven’t posted the review on 😛

Anyhow,  it is a great way of getting to know and trying out different brands and types of products. I’m really warming to the idea of beauty boxes, although at times,  it can be hit or miss.

The following products are included in today’s #SkincareFridays review post!

I had taken my time and used products in order to write this review up 😉

Naobay natural & organic Body Radiance Lotion

Naobay uses natural and/or organic ingredients where possible for their products. The company do not test on animals,  which always is a plus for me.

This body butter contains olive oil,  avocado oil and shea butter, which helps with moisturising and nourishing the skin. The added aloe vera can help protect the skin. This body butter has a nice and refreshing lemon citrus scent. The scent lingers a little and disappear within 15 mins. I would recommend to use this after your morning showers.

I’m very pleased with this body butter,  it doesn’t feel heavy or sticky, and it gets absorbed into the skin really well. This serves me well, I do feel it gives efficient moisturisation for my normal skin with some dry patches.
I was so close in buying the full sized product off BirchBox website.. until I saw the Caudalie divine oil. It looks too divine to turn it down. So,  sorry Naobay! Maybe next time when I have enough reward points! 😉

Price: £14 for 250ml
Availability: BirchBox
Overall Score: 4 out of 5. A very high scoring body butter. Almost rival my trusty tube of Aveeno!


Whish Lavender Body Butter
Ok Whish is an American based company, who specialises in organic skincare for body.
This body butter is infused with shea butter goodness, it has a light lavender scent but it doesn’t linger.
Comparing this with the Naobay, this is not as nourishing. This is probably better for people with healthy and younger skin! It is also very skin friendly, being paraben free, sulfate free, DEA and TEA free. Petrochemical free. … (Not that I know what DEA and TEA stands for ;P )

Price: £14.50 for 150ml

Availability: BirchBox UK, CostCo US ($19.99 for 16oz BARGAIN!)

Overall Score: 3 out of 5.


Elemis Treat your Feet Foot Cream
I believe most people would have come across Elemis or heard of Elemis the brand. It’s a British beauty brand that’s very popular amongst luxury spas and hotels. Even British Airways gives these out to their first and business class customers as in-flight goodies.
Okie. . Can you sense the theme yet? Another product with shea butter!! This foot cream is really luxurious. I really like using this cream, it softens and soothes the skin. It smells of woody patchouli and eucalytus. I’m not a big fan of minty smell that’s normally found in foot cream.

Would I buy this? Very likely if it is on sale!

Price: £19.00 for 75ml

Availability: DebenhamsLookFantastic with free delivery

Overall Score: 4 out of 5


OKIE! I am going to miss these deluxe samples of body butter when they run out….! oh well 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Box Deluxe Samples for body and feet #SkincareFridays product review

  1. callmejagi says:

    I also have the Naobay from Birchbox! It wasn’t bad but unfortunately does not moisturize as well as my L’Occitane hand creams :/

    Great reviews ^^


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