My nail polish haul and FB nail groups

Hiya all, this is a haul with difference!! These polishes are pre-loved, pre-owned/unwanted or second-hand.. whatever you want to call them! I sourced these from the nail groups I have recently joined on FB.


The Nail Haul from FB @iamcherrylemon

Indie nail polishes can be expensive and hard to get hold of. So on these nail group pages, group members sell and swap their nail polishes.

Let me talk more about the nail groups before diving into the haul.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to couple of closed groups. These groups are super friendly, group members help each other to find their ISO (In search of) polishes, offer advice and share their NOTDs etc.

There have been competitions, nail duels, themed swaps (between the whole group!) and even quizzes! Members can sell and swap their nail and beauty products with each other etc. Cool huh!

2 FB groups that I’ve joined;

I have recently joined another beauty group but not been too involved yet


Apart from selling and swapping pre-owns, there are many good points;

  1. New manicure ideas
  2. Catching up on current nail trends
  3. Finding out more online retailers that are reliable
  4. Tips on nail care and techniques
  5. The community is very friendly; you can get really involved if you choose to. All they ever ask you is to be polite and friendly with each other.

Being honest, I’m very happy being part of this online community and sharing common interests (insanely pretty polishes)!

OK onto the haul!

I have gotten myself 10 polishes, mostly pre-loved and only the Model’s Own polishes are brand new but greatly reduced in price! My favourites from the bunch are these Lacquerlicious! Look at them!


Laquerlicious nail polishes @iamcherrylemon


Ciate London mini in Snow Globe @iamcherrylemon


I also like iridescent glitter flakes, here we have the Ciate London in Snow Globe 😉


I have also got few pre-owned stamping plates and some beautiful MoYou London plates. #HappyDays



Laquerlicious Caught Red Handed nail polish @iamcherrylemon

Warning: Ever since I joined these groups, they opened my eyes up for alot of beautiful indies, glitzy glitters and some rare brands that sell gorgeousness in the form of bottles. Obviously, all potentially can dent your bank balance!

What do you think of these FB groups? Have you joined any and would like to share your experiences?

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


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