NOTD Sparkling orange and raspberry

Happy Monday everyone.

Have you ever done a manicure then realised you don’t actually like it. .. Then you paint your nails again. . Giving it a little bit more effort and still not liking it?? Third time and still not having that warm fuzzy feeling?
Ah well, it happens. I just had one of those days :/

Firstly I’ve tried a freebie polish I got from Miss Sporty. It’s the quick dry polish in the shade Green Whisperer. It’s a beautiful jade green solid cream. I love love love the colour, but I hated the formula. 1 coat was streaky, 2 coats made it lumpy 😦 it didn’t even out, the brush was so-so.
what a shame as the colour is beautiful!
I removed it after 5 minutes.


Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours in Green Whisperer @iamcherrylemon

Next up, was the Barry M special edition in Bikini. A rather lovely purple colour… I’ve added Models own nail polish in Mermaid Tears onto accent nails. Mermaid Tears looks stunning but it is also elusive. It is very hard to fish out those glittery flakes. Once applied, you can only catch a good glimpse of it at a certain angle. But the duo toned glitter flakes were just fabulous.
Not sure why but I’m not in purple coloured nail kinda mood ;P


Barry M Boots Special Edition in Bikini and Models Own Mermaid Tears @iamcherrylemon

Third manicure within the hour is this sparkling orange and raspberry one. I’ve used the orange polish from Kiko duo nail effects (no.5) which was on sale for £1.99.
Raspberry was a Revlon one. Glitter polish was the Hits Specialita in Cancun. It is a lovely orange base polish with purple, gold and pink glitter pieces. It does look like a spicy mix! Hehe


NOTD Sparkling Orange and Raspberry with Kiko Nail Effect no.4 and Hits Specialita in Cancun @iamcherrylemon


Hits Specialita in Cancun @iamcherrylemon

So here I am, not 100% sure about it but I kept this for 2 days. That’s the beauty of makeup isn’t it, if you don’t like it. . Just wipe it off 😛

Thank you for stopping by!


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