This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream and Sleep Balm #SkincareFridays Product reviews

Hiya all, hope you had a good week 🙂
I have always had issues falling asleep, it normally takes me 45mins to 1.5 hrs :I So when I saw this set in the sales earlier in the year. I grabbed it with both hands hoping it will help me sleep like a log!
These products will not put you into deep sleep, it helps you to relax and hopefully that will induce sleep. Both products contain a good mixture of scent oils.

Deep Sleep range ~ Dream Cream


This product contains a fusion of lavender, vetivert and camomile blended with crambe and gold of pleasure oils (rich in omega 3). It aims to hydrate you skin while the gentle scents help you to wind down and send you to sleep.
The packaging is simple, not something that would grab your attention. It’s like only you will know its there kinda feel!

The cream does have a very nice smell that relaxes, the cream is hydrating but not nourishing enough if you have dry skin / patches. It gets absorbed pretty quickly. What I do not like about is that the scent disappears really quickly. If the scent can lingers a little longer than it might really help with the relaxation period!

Price: £18.00 for 75ml, look out for SpaceNK sales. I got the duo as a set for £12 😛
Overall Score: 1.5 out of 5, unfortunately it doesn’t really help me in the relaxation side.. which is the real reason why I

Sleep Balm


Ahh… this is the better half of the duo! This product comes in a no-frills plastic tub. It says you can apply this on your pulse points before sleep, or apply it onto drier patches etc. I.e. elbows and knees. This waxy looking balm thing is only 10g, but it lasts and lasts.
The scent is “da bomb” with this one, they really have packed some seriously gorgeous lavender based relaxing scent into this little tub… I think I would relax and fall asleep just sniffing at this!
The balm itself is good to use on drier patches, it turns into oily cream upon application.
It could be pseudo effect, but I have been told I snore on the nights I have used this. (I am NOT a snorer normally :p) It seems to work for me, so next time you see this product, please pick it up and have a sniff? I am glad I did get this 🙂

Price: £12 for 10g
Overall Score: 3.5 out of 5
Availability: SpaceNK, Boots online


Thanks for reading, have a wonderful Friday 😉

6 thoughts on “This Works Deep Sleep Dream Cream and Sleep Balm #SkincareFridays Product reviews

  1. avibrantday says:

    I’m going to look for this when I go to London in September. I often have trouble sleeping before my nursing shifts, so this would be great! Good to know to look for the balm.


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