Unboxing Birchbox UK!! ~ July 2014 :D

2014 July Birch Box UK @iamcherrylemon

2014 July Birch Box UK @iamcherrylemon

My July BirchBox has arrived! Woohoo!

Okie… this must sounds ridiculous to you. . But I was really looking forward to my July BirchBox when I receive my June box! Total withdrawn symptoms!
Good thing is that both my friends who signed up at the same time as me, were as desperate to get theirs too 😛 I’m not alone! Yay! Wahaha joke aside. I just want to share with you what I got in my July box. If you’re still waiting for yours and do not want a spoiler then please just click to read another of my posts ;P hehehe

Thank you and here they are!

Whish Three whishes lavender body butter – Lavender! Another of my favourite scents! I even keep sachets of lavender in my wardrobe. As well as making my clothes smell better, it acts as natural insect repellent. Obviously this body cream will not be an insect repellent!

Balance me Wonder eye cream – I haven’t tried their eye cream before. I wonder if this really is a wonder eye cream as I’m always looking for eye cream that would work with me.

LAQA & Co Sheer lip lube pencil in Bees Knees – ok this colour scares me. I look pretty poorly if I slather it on 😦 but it looks OK as a tint. It smells so good and kinda minty!

Benefit The POREfessional primer – I believe everyone knows what this is about? It has been one of my favourite primer for a long time. Read my post here!

Gilchrist & Soames English Spa sea kelp extract mineral bath – mineral bath. ..hmm.. nice. But I like my showers better 😛

Plus a sachet of The Chia Shot – Ok this looks way too healthy for me. I was eyeing up Vitacoco drink my friend received. .. wishing that was mine instead!

My July Birch Box contents @iamcherrylemon

My July Birch Box contents @iamcherrylemon

Okie. This month I would like to try the lip lube pencil (use sheer layers! ), body butter and eye cream! Great timing as my current eye serum is just running out :o)

What’s in your box this month? 😀

You can choose to sign up using my link, in which we will both get £5 credit to spend in BirchBox online store for the beauty and skincare products. You do not have to use my link, you can sign up in any other way ok? No pressure.


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