Makeup Revolution haul June 2014! Yay

Makeup Revolution haul July 2014 @iamcherrylemon

Makeup Revolution haul July 2014 @iamcherrylemon

FINALLY! The arrival of my MakeUpRevolution order! Yay

My order from MUR has finally arrived! My gosh that was a long wait… Well just over 5 working days. It isn’t too bad I guess. I’m just very impatient about it! Who doesn’t want to play with makeup goodies from such an exciting brand!? I’ve waited long enough to place an order 😛
Getting the 25% discount code with the #BBBBeautyBox discount list was the final push for me!
So here’s my order (#1, more about that later! )

For face:
Pressed Powder in Translucent
Vivid Blush Lacquer in Desire
The One concealer in medium
Highlighter in Peach Lights
I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts-Goddess of Love Highlighter
I ♡ Makeup blushers “I want Candy” in WOW and Pink (my sister’s called Candy, I couldn’t help but picked these up just because! )

For eyes:
5 Baked Eyeshadows-Pure and Innocent
Iconic pallette #2
MUR Eyeshadow in Finally .., Promised Land, Good Life

For lips:
I ♡ Makeup Wow Gloss-Too cool for school (I read on britbeautyblog that these glosses are mega pigmented! )
I ♡ Makeup Lip Geek-Caught myself smiling and Happy Girl
I ♡ Makeup I ♡ My Lips-Heart is pumping and Beating Heart (these are balm/lipstick rolled into 1, I hope these will be nice and moisturising)

For nails:
Full Flawless Collection – nail polishes

Gosh I haven’t placed such a big order since my first days with e.l.f and NYX! These budget brands allows you try out different products without breaking the bank too much! I did feel bad after pressing the “Submit Order” button. Do I need these? NO, but I want them 😛
I realised I do have to declutter after organising these into my drawers!

While waiting for this order to arrive, I had my eyes on some new I ♡ Makeup Blushing hearts blushers, they’re mega cute! But it was out of stock for awhile, but they are back in stock (Thanks mintymilky! ) So I’ve placed my second order. Now including some products that I know my sister would like. Good to share right 🙂 now I know how long the delivery will be, I better have more patience for this order.
The packing of the items was pretty good, only 1 victim, the lid of Peach highlighter came off that’s all.

Obviously, I haven’t tried using these much yet. I will post reviews as and when I’ve tested them out 😉

I’ve used the discount code MUR25 for 25% off the entire order! No excuse not to get your essential makeup items :p code expires at end of this month, so get shopping 😉

Thanks for letting me ramble on! It’s great way to start the week 😉

I’ve joined the revolution, have you? Hehe

Makeup Revolution Goddess of Love highlighter @iamcherrylemon

Makeup Revolution Goddess of Love highlighter @iamcherrylemon


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