Blink Brow Bar ~ Eye brow shaping/threading experience

Blink Eye Brow Shaping Threading experience @iamcherrylemon

Blink Eye Brow Shaping Threading experience @iamcherrylemon

Er I never hated my brows, but since they are not so alike…  I thought it might be nice to have some pro to work on them and give them a better shape.

I walked past Blink Brow Bar (Threading specialist) in John Lewis earlier, but they didn’t have an appointment for another 1.5 hours! So I got diverted to Fenwick on New Bond st.

Fenwick looked rather scary,  I kept asking myself if I should go with it. Haha anyway I’ve found Blink in there,  got seated. Filled in the registration form about allergies etc.

It started with a consultation with a threading lady. She explained what she planned to do on my brows,  I told her my brow concerns! I just want level out the brows so I can fill them easily and quickly!

Threader lady removed my brow makeup and apply some powder so that the thread won’t pinch as much.
The threading part didn’t hurt as such,  it felt less painful than plucking…  Felt like I’ve smacked myself on the forehead. Not enough to make myself cry but enough to get red, patchy swelling!

During the threading she let me assess the progress. I liked how she did my “better” brow. I asked her “er how  come my brow looks thicker after you’ve threaded it? ” haha she explained because it is more defined and it would emphasise the shape. After she has worked on my other brow, I wasn’t convinced she understood my requirement!

After 10 minutes then she was done,  she applied some rose gel (with aloe vera) to sooth the swelling. She massaged it into the skin around my brows.

To finish it off, she filled in my brows with a waxy powder pencil. Again, my “better” brow looked immaculate. The other brow was so patchy! She tried filling it in again but over filled it,  it looked so fake. Omg what have I got myself into?
3rd time lucky, it was nicely filled.

She advised me not to apply makeup straight away, wait for the swelling to go down. It took between 30 to 45 mins for the swelling to disappear.

It would be ideal to re-thread after a month, depends on the rate of brow growth.

Blink Brow Bar @ Fenwick, New Bond Street, London W1A 3BS (020 7408 0689)

My verdict: Go to somewhere where you can watch how it’s done and notice who/how tentative the threaders are. I believe it’s pot luck. I’m not disheartened,  it is probably a shock to the system having not really changed my brow shape for over a decade! I will still go to eye brow threading in the future.

I feel more comfortable filling my own brows in. Here are the before and after pictures of my brows. I have used Illamasqua eyebrow cake in Thunder.

Blink Eye Brow Shaping Threading experience (BEFORE and AFTER) @iamcherrylemon

Blink Eye Brow Shaping Threading experience (BEFORE and AFTER) @iamcherrylemon


Thanks for reading!

Do you shape and pluck/wax your own brows?

Would you get yours shaped by someone else?!



3 thoughts on “Blink Brow Bar ~ Eye brow shaping/threading experience

  1. Jaina - Which Beauty Box UK says:

    I do threading and find it a great alternative to waxing. It’s much more of a tidier finish. The after picture definitely has more definition. I would advise that you try and grow your eyebrows 🙂 if you’re looking for a thicker brow


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