Watsons Collagen Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks product review #SkincareFridays #AsianBeautyBrand

Good morning and happy Friday! It’s going to be a lovely weekend, good weather forecasted! yay!

Can you believe that I totally forgot about IMATS London at the end of this month? Now all Saturday tickets are gone, sob sob! Might just have to give this year’s a miss. On the upside, that actually saved me spending money on makeup 😛


Watsons Collagen Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks @iamcherrylemon

Watsons Collagen Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks @iamcherrylemon

The Product

Today’s product is the Watsons Collagen Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks.

Watsons is a pharmacy chain popular in SE Asia. It is like drugstore chains such as Boots or Superdrug in the UK, but Watsons is an overall famous regional brand too.

Can you see why I picked this pack up? SEE?! I only saw the word “Collagen” and I knew it will suits my needs 😛

Who doesn’t want extra help in the skin department?  OK maybe not if your skin is young and in great condition. In that case,  I envy you!

The box comes with 6 individually wrapped facial sheet masks. Each sachet contains a serum essence soaked cotton mask.
There are 4 active ingredients,  Tetrapeptides, algae extract,  hyaluronic acid and
(surprise surprise) collagen!
Whenever I pick up collagen products, I have never questioned where the collagen is derived from.. maybe from now on, I will. This mask clearly states that its collagen is extracted from non-polluted deep sea fish. This collagen derivation thing… the more I think about it the more it freaks me out 😦
(just did a google search on sources of collagen, you are more than welcome to have a read.. I am not repeating those words :P)

Watsons Collagen Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks @iamcherrylemon

Watsons Collagen Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks @iamcherrylemon

Steps for application:

1. After cleansing your face, open sachet and unfold mask.

2. Remove protective film (thin plastic sheet) and apply the sheet mask and press gently for a closer fit

2. Rest and relax for 20 minutes (I went to make sandwiches for my OH :P)

3. When the time is up, remove the mask and massage the essence into your skin

The Results

After I have removed the mask, I’ve tried to massage the essence serum into the skin. The serum does not get completely absorbed into the skin. Me being me, I just left it and went to sleep.

This morning, my face felt softer, *bouncier*, it looked like I had a very good night’s sleep (but I had a 5 hours broken sleep!). So I believe this mask did work well for me, even though the results are not permanent. I am happy with this, this performed better than Puresa Pearl extract mask, although it did not fit as well.

Good for normal to dry skin, it might be a little bit overwhelming for oilier skin.

Price: $18USD on eBay or approx £12 a pack in HK (please let me know if the prices have changed!  Thx)

Availability: branches of Watsons within Asia only and maybe eBay
For more information: Watsons Product page
Overall Summary: 3.5 out of 5 🙂

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend 🙂 Enjoy the warm weather!


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