Body Shop haul and first impressions #SkincareFridays

Haul ho ho! Hehehe sorry I can’t help it.


Body Shop Haul - Skincare Products @iamcherrylemon

I don’t often do hauls and I haven’t used Body Shop products for a decade! “So why are you hauling Body Shop products” you might ask? well, my skin has been in very dry and cracking state due on the weather change recently. It does this about twice a year, it goes insanely dry and nothing sticks on my face. So dehydrated that I can’t smile without feeling the pain on my face L aged about 5 years overnight .. gosh not a pretty sight.

I’ve been advised not to get new makeup products while the skin is so irritated and so sensitively dry. I can make Bobbi Brown and Chanel foundation look bad, that’s how bad it was.

Here’s my haul:

  • Camomile cleaning oil 200ml for  £10 – Beauty youtuber Amelia Liana has been singing praises for this cleansing oil for ages and I am always up for a new cleansing product 😛
  • Aloe Vera calming toner 200ml for £8 – I haven’t finished my Lancôme Tonique doucer yet but it doesn’t feel right on my dry skin so I want to get a more calming product with natural ingredients
  • Nganics toner 200ml for £9 – this was recommended to me. It contains 98% natural ingredients and no nasty chemicals.
  • Vitamin E overnight serum oil and Moisture Sink-In mask set (£16 instead of £24 if bought separately) – The serum oil is a recent launch of the Body Shop. It promises to restore moisture and recharge your skin overnight, like giving your skin 8hr sleep! The idea is for you to wake up with brighter, plumper and moisturised skin. Sink-in mask, this is a sleeping mask for injecting moisture back into your skin.
  • A wooden double ball massager – £7 just your standard massaging tool, I use this on my stiff shoulders.
  • Got a free mini bottle of perfume oil as part of LBY (Love Your Body) membership. This is normally £7


NOTE! Body Shop had 30% off everything offer for “LYB members”. The complete haul cost £40 including the £5 membership fee for LBY.

First impressions after a week’s usage!

To get myself out of dry skin nightmare I’m braving new products from the body shop. I don’t suggest you do this :p This week I’ve been using the Camomile cleansing oil, Aloe Vera toner, vitamin E sink-in mask and the vitamin E serum oil. I have also used Elemis SOS skin emergency cream (that was gift with purchase from Debenhams). These products have made such a difference to my highly dehydrated skin, I didn’t know it would have such effects so it didn’t occur to me to take a *before* and *after* photos for you. Anyhow, I will try my best to describe my first impressions from this week.

 Camomile cleansing oil is a slightly heavy oil product, comparing to Shu Uemura’s oil and my normal Aquamoist oil. Some of you might not like the feeling of a heavy-ish oil on your eyes. But I can say, hands on heart, that this Camomile cleansing oil works as well as the higher end products. It got rid of my waterproof makeup with ease, it removes my Dior airbrush foundation very well. I normally double cleanse after a day’s of makeup, but my second cleanse reveals no traces of makeup residue. I am truly amazed. At £10 a pop, this is a bargain! Score: 7/10

 Aloe Vera calming toner – this really does what it says on the tin, it’s very calming and did not feel sticky, heavy or irritating. It refreshes and softens my skin. I really like this, as it also leaves my skin feeling moisturised. I highly recommend you to try this product if your skin is sensitive, it seems to calm it very well. Score: 8/10

Vitamin E Sink-In Moisturising Mask – This is one of those SLEEPING-MASKS, I love sleeping masks.. the idea is that you put this onto your skin with a generous amount. Let it sink into your skin before going to sleep. You simply rinse this off in the morning, it should reveals moisturised and plumper skin 😀 The texture of this mask is jelly-like and feels light on skin. It had the signature scent of the Body Shop vitamin E product range.
Ok I am being very truthful, it did sting my skin a bit when I first used it. My face was so dry and didn’t feel comfortable for at least 5 minutes. Anyhow, I let it sink in for about 20 minutes and it felt ok. I topped this with the vitamin E serum oil as an extra barrier for the lock-in moisture. I wasn’t told NOT to :p so I did it. It did feel slightly oily on my face, maybe I have used too much products!? I happily slept away and was hoping for miracles.

The next morning, it felt like my dehydrated skin is gone, skin did feel very moisturised and back to normal again. I was gobsmacked, I couldn’t believe it. It lasted a day.

On the next night, I did not use this sink-in mask and only applied the serum oil. The result was not as impressive, so I gathered that this mask will give you a day’s good skin! This is good enough for me : )

Score: 9/10

Vitamin E Facial Serum Oil – This is a facial oil that you can use at night, it aims to give your skin a full-night’s sleep. It was a very big product launch at the start of the year Jan 2014. I didn’t jump onto the wagon then, but I was very interested in the product. It had very faint scent, the scent of the Body Shop vitamin e product line. Nothing too over powering.

I want this to work. ..Who doesn’t want to wake up with better skin every morning? :p

For the nights that I have used this serum oil, it does not fully sink into my skin, as it leaves a thin film of oil… a little massage would help this being absorbed. It does make my skin looks slightly tighter and even toned. I will give it more time, use it more regularly before giving it a scoring.

Double wooden ball massager – just standard, I used this on my shoulders and upper back where I normally are more stiff and tensed up after a stressful day. It helps to relax my muscles, I hope with continued use, it will give me better nights’ sleep. But be careful, it can do some damage if you drop this onto your toes / floors!

I have not used NGanics toner and the perfume oil yet.

Cool, this rounds up my #SkincareFridays post nicely.


Weather forecast for my local areas is rainy all weekend, oh well, another pampering weekend at home then 😉


Thanks for reading, have a gorgeous weekend gorgeous people!


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