Skincare Product review: LUSH Cosmetics – Popcorn Lip Scrub #SkincareFridays

Lush Cosmetics ~ Popcorn Lip Scrub @iamcherrylemon

Lush Cosmetics ~ Popcorn Lip Scrub @iamcherrylemon

It is Easter holiday, so here’s double posting for today! (er.. yes I don’t actually know what I’m on about too) Second post for #SkincareFridays !

After using my first LUSH product, it has left me wanting more! So I went to pick this up last week at my local Lush store.

Popcorn Lip Scrub

My next Lush product after the facial cleanser is it’s little cousin in the cutest glass jar! Girls and boys, meet Popcorn lip scrub by Lush!

This little jar contains 25g of lip scrub, the main ingredients are everything you can pretty much find in your kitchen cupboard!

Caster sugar, coconut oil, sea salt and POPPING candy!? Ok I know I know, hard to justify the £5.50 price tag right? Here’s lip scrub recipe/tutorial for the DIY experts out there. (Links Pucca shows you how to make Lush-inspired lip scrubs and here Nicole Guerriero’s homemade lip scrub)


This little lip scrub is packed to the rim with *product*. Once you open the jar, you are instantly hit with a scent.. It smells so delicious, just like sweet popcorn! I couldn’t stop sniffing it :p

The scrub itself is light in colour and fine in texture. You can’t pick up a dollop of the sugar scrub, a little pinch is all you need so this is perfect.

Lush Cosmetics ~ Popcorn Lip Scrub @iamcherrylemon

Lush Cosmetics ~ Popcorn Lip Scrub @iamcherrylemon

Ingredient list: Extra virgin coconut oil (softening and moisturising); polenta (mineral and vitamin packed). It also contains caster sugar, organic jojoba oil, fine sea salt, flavourings and popping candy.


My lips have been slightly dry and chapped. So every other night, I will use this lip scrub to remove flaky bits and properly prepare my lips for balms.

Easy application, you pick up a tiny amount and rub it on your dry lips. The Lush sales lady told me that, after applying this on lips I can just lick off the rest! I went “WHAT?” eat the scrub? hahaha but the thought of smelling a nice product, it feels so wrong to eat it! it does taste very nice I must admit :p this scrub tastes of sweet and salty caramel! (Gosh I love sweet and salty popcorn..  have you tried the popcorn from Pret a manger?) If you prefer not to eat the scrub, just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Don’t think that you can use this while out and about! It can get very messy.


it’s ideal for me to use every other night or 3 times a week. My lips are softer and smoother after using the lip scrub with no residue. They look much better and I now have my confidence back to wear my Lime Crime liquid lipsticks (it’s ultra-matte and accentuate every flaky bits!).

Price: £5.50 for 25g

Availability: Lush online, in-store (worldwide)

Overall Summary: 4/5; Yummy lip scrub which I can’t get enough of :p

What’s not to love about Lush? Mostly natural and green ingredients, cruelty free, preservative free .. Ah probably the price is not cheap but these are of pretty decent quality.

Thank you for reading, if you have not catch my earlier post on Lush facial cleanser, then here it is (link).

Hope it will be a fantastic weekend for whatever you do this Easter break. I might stuff my face with chocolate eggs :p

Happy Easter 😀

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