Wanting something you don’t need…? Eyeko Eyelash Curlers free with magazine

Good morning everyone!


InStyle magazine May issue edition, free Eyeko eyelash curlers @iamcherrylemon

There is something programmed into me, and maybe some of you out there. Wanting something we don’t need. This is a classic example..

LOOK what have I found at the newsagent this morning!?

Instyle magazine May edition, it comes with a free pair of Eyeko Eyelash curlers, worth £12.
15% off at Topshop and 20% off Eyeko products (who fancy trying out their skinny liner, “Eye do” liners? :P)

May issue of Elle has a £10 giftcard to use at nails inc nail bar, for mani and pedis, plus 15% nails inc online. Now that’s very handy if you have a nails inc nail bar near you!

okie so now I have a pair of free lash curlers, which I will keep at work for emergencies.. emergency afterwork drinks :p



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