Skincare Product: Boots Botanics Cleansing Face Wipes ALL BRIGHT (Quick Review)


Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Face Wipes - Product review @iamcherrylemon

Today I am reviewing Boots Botanics makeup removal wipes. Boots Botanics is not a new range from Boots, for the products I have tried before they are either big hits or misses.


Yesterday, I’ve picked up the makeup removal wipes and the Super balm while on my way to my hot yoga class. Random selection I hear you say… Well I don’t really want to look like a melting panda after the class, that would be very scary indeed… As I doubt my mascara is heatproof :p and I have noticed some very dry and rough skin on my hands. So both products were purposely bought! I will review the superbalm next, but that post is a little bit more heavy, so I have to split them up.

Makeup removal wipes – one of many must haves for lazy gals like me! Makeup removal wipes are great for removing makeup on the go, for travelling and those days that you just can’t bear to go through the entire skin cleansing routine. Although I do not encourage you to rely on makeup wipes, as all skin needs good proper skincare routine and no shortcuts! I used to use makeup wipes but I no longer relying on them. As they just don’t clean my skin well enough.



Boots Botanics All Bright Cleansing Face Wipes - Product review @iamcherrylemon

Official Description: Cleanses and removes waterproof make up, suitable for sensitive skin; with brightening hibiscus
I’ve used these Boots Botanics wipes for the first time on last night… I was wearing foundation, non-waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliner. (aka, not a lot of makeup for me!)
The wipes felt pretty wet and drenched when I pulled it out of its pack, which is better than dryer ones I guess. I have used dryer ones in the past, those just don’t remove anything and feels pretty rough on the skin. Anyhow I still need to use 2 wipes to remove my makeup! These wipes feel gentle on skin, but for me they are not effective on removing makeup. I don’t have highly sensitive skin, but the residue substance did make my face felt tingly. I sustained it for about 5 seconds before I splashed water on my face to remove the leftovers. Feeling a bit annoyed with that.

Price: £3.49 for 25 wipes (currently on offer, saving 1/3 off RRP)
Availability: Boots in-store / online
Overall Summary: 1.5/5 these are gentle makeup removal wipes, but just not for me.
Wow, second post on a Tuesday! Blogging engines on fire! wahahahaha!!!
Thank you for reading and enjoy the sunshine 🙂



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