Spring Fever Tag

Hello all,

I was so excited last Friday when I got tagged by the lovely Steph from Think.Love.Makeup to do this Spring Fever tag.

I love reading Steph’s blog, she dishes out alot of great skincare tips and I love reading her blog posts.

Rules: Answer all ten questions and tag amazing bloggers.

1. What eye palette will you use most this spring?

It will be one of my Urban Decay palettes from last year. The Oz palette in Glinda. It has the most beautiful shadow called Aura (duo), pretty nudes and I also get the option of using gold on purple for night outs.

Glinda is one of the 2 palettes launched by Urban Decay in collaboration with the Disney film (Oz, the Great and Powerful). I also love the Theodora palette!


Spring fever tag, Urban Decay Oz palette @iamcherrylemon

2. What blusher in your collection is a Spring must? And what about lipstick too?

I love using NYX powder blusher PB28 in Bourgeois Pig for spring! It is such a gorgeous (or should I say bourgeois) PINK! It looks fresh on your cheeks and springy! I love it! As with all NYX blusher, they last for 5 to 6 hours for me before fading a little. (The picture I have found on the net is not a true representation of the blusher, I will try to photograph my own one if I can..)


Spring fever tag, NYX bourgeis pig, @iamcherrylemon

For lipsticks, I have not stuck to only one. I have frequently used my Revlon’s “Kiss me Coral” (my orange lippy) and Revlon lip gloss in Pink Pop. They can’t be more different… I know :p I am random kinda girl 🙂


Spring fever tag, Revlon Kiss me coral @iamcherrylemon


Spring fever tag, Revlon lip gloss in pink pop, @iamcherrylemon

3. What nail polish do you love to wear in Spring?

All the pastel colours!! Well if I had to
choose only one, then it has to be Barry M Silk nail paint in Mist. It is just a lovely pastel blue, pearly and shimmery!


Spring fever tag, Barry M Silk Nail paint in Mist, @iamcherrylemon

4. What is on your Spring break agenda?

Er.. work? But I took 2 weeks off earlier in March and had my staycation. I feel that sometime, you just need some time out for doing absolutely nothing. Time for you to reflect on the past and plan for the future. (well I made and ate alot of cakes LOL)

5. What trends are you looking forward to- fashion nail polish make up etc?

For makeup, I like the bold orange lips trend, I can dig our my reddy orange lippies! yay!

For nail polishes, I like pastels for Spring. I am still liking my NOTD using Barry M’s Silk nail paints.

For fashion, I don’t follow trends that closely… maybe this is something I need to address. Incorporating some trends into my wardrobe, in the subtle way 😛

6. What is your signature Spring scent?

I am currently wearing Burberry Brit Rythmn for Womens. It smells fresh floral with heavy lavender orange notes.


Burberry Brit Rhythmn for Womens

(I don’t wear heavy, musky autumn/winter scents… so my fragrance bottles are season-less in that sense)

7. Do you have a Spring skincare regime?

Yes!! After months of UK winter months, skin is pretty dull and tired. I am currently on a bi-weekly mask routine, just to give some nourishment and gentle exfoliation on a regular basis. I get so lazy during the Winter, and very reactive, meaning I don’t do enough prevention!

8. What is Spring like where you live?

UK, spring time is pretty wet this year with floodings in Feb and March in some parts of UK. The temperature is warming but I still need to go into work with my winter jacket and scarf!

9. Florals, got to have them or make them stop?

I am neutral on this one, I like wearing florals but I think you have to be careful what you pair florals with to avoid looking like aunt Marge! I play very safe :p

10. Favourite activity to do in the Spring?

Sounds weird, but it will be planting new flowers in the flower beds 😀 (obviously not plan ting from seeds, I don’t have the patience for that). ehehhee and NO, I am not a retired pensioner!!


Spring fever tag, primrose from my garden @iamcherrylemon


I will now tag the following lovely bloggers..
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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this tag post. I love doing it!

If you are not tagged but would like to do the tag, please do! and let me know, I would love to read your Spring Fever answers! 😀


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