Skincare Product review: Utena Puresa facial sheet masks with Pearl Extract 


Hello,  I’m back today with another skincare product review .. hmm I might think about skincare Fridays in the future :p

Sheet masks are like Marmite… you either love it or hate it. I love my sheet masks,  I find them super convenient, easy to use and non-messy, HA, nothing to wash is a big bonus too! They are probably not as economical as using mask from a tube but I like the fact that I can carry as many or as few on holiday/trips. Easy to pack too! This is one of many products from my Japan beauty haul.

Back to the review!  As I’ve explained before,  I didn’t actually know what I was buying at the time or if the products were any good during the  supermarket sweep at Matsumoto Kiyoshi. Let’s say I didn’t do my homework… yes some paid off and some I just couldn’t use (wrong shades).

The product
Each box contains 5 individually wrapped facial sheet masks.
(I couldn’t read the Japanese on the packaging, so the following information is taken online via official sites)
These facial sheet masks contain pearl extract and collagen, both known for their beautifying properties, moisturising and nourishing the skin. Each mask is packed with plenty of serum. It is fragrance free and colour free. It even sounds gentle!  ;p
According to, this has won the best mask at Japan’s cosme award 2011 and it has sold over 16 million packs in Japan alone. Impressive!


Steps for application
1. Remove mask from sachet and apply mask onto face.
2. Align the mask well using the mouth and eye area as guideline. You can fold the eye area down as double-layered mask on the under eye area OR you can cover your lids.
3. Relax for 10 to 15 minutes
4. Remove mask and rinse face with warm water
5. Apply serum and moisturiser 🙂

It was super easy to use, the sheet mask is very thin yet strong. It laid very comfortably on my face and it stayed on for the full 10 minutes. It did not tear at all, even with me tugging and pulling it.
As the mask is very thin and flexible, it was almost 100% in contact with my face, no annoying bits so I don’t have to keep pressing and reapplying it! Great!
I have used sheet masks before that felt just like wet cardboard! Scratchy and I had to re-apply it constantly. That went into the bin straight away!

The results
I’ve noticed my skin tone is slightly more even, and skin felt more moisturised after the mask application (and before the serum obviously!).
Skin looked brighter than before and the brightening effect seems to have lasted overnight. I understand that these are temporary benefits but it lasted longer than I expected.

Would I buy again?
I believe if your skin is normal and just needed a pick-me-up then this is perfect for you. My skin was dehydrated, dull and tired. So I needed something with more OoMph. So I probably won’t buy it again as I like trying new skincare products and I only stick with products that wows me 😛


Price:  $12 usd on
Availability:, or major drugstores in Asia (I believe I have seen some on Amazon and ebay)

Overall summary: 3 out of 5! Good product that would benefits normal skin

Thank you for dropping by and have the most wonderful weekend!


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