MADE UP! 2 hours Smooth & Sculpt Interactive Workshop with Illamasqua and Hydra Veil first impression

MADE UP! 2 hours Smooth & Sculpt Interactive Workshop with Illamasqua and Hydra Veil first impression
Smooth & Sculpt – this workshop is aimed at beginner to intermediate makeup users, on how to achieve a smooth base with Illamasqua’s most recent hype product Hydra veil and recently launched Skin Base foundation.
Address: Illamasqua, 20 Beak Street, London W1F 9RE
Illamasqua has a few US stores popping up soon, but the educator won’t tell us when, the name and the place! The tease, but keep an eye out for their social page on web.
Illamasqua Shopping Bag @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Illamasqua Shopping Bag @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

This Monday workshop has been scheduled to start from 5pm, which is pretty unusual as most people would have just finished work or about to!! The workshop was led by Illamasqua educator Ben, who was on hand to explain anything we need to know and learn on the day. He first started the class by getting to know the audience then went and introduce us to Hydra Veil. I know it was a newly launched product that everyone is raving about, but since I haven’t tried it, I didn’t pick one up during their 50% flash sale (HOW STUPID WAS I!?!). I wanted to know how it performs on my skin before making a purchase. You have no idea how many products I have bought without trying and ended up regretting! Just because a product is raved about and endorsed by gurus and professionals. It doesn’t mean it will work for you! 😛
Anyway, Ben passed the black sleek jar of Hydra Veil around, showing us what to do with it, how to apply it, what benefits it has and what exactly it is… Hydra Veil is not a skincare product but it contains marine extracts and he claims it has the same ingredients in Creme de la Mer. OMG how can you say that?!! The creators of this product did not want to brand Hydra Veil as anti-ageing product even thou it has anti-ageing ingredients that are found in some of the anti-ageing creams. The reason being, the founder want this product to appeal to everyone and not just the more mature market. Nice. This little pot of gel like paste works on everyone. ok I am not sceptical at all at this point 😛
Apparently we can skip moisturiser if our skin is not too dry.
We applied Hydra veil with a foundation brush. Next, we got colour matched with a SkinBase foundation. VERY annoying as I was matched a 7.5 in SkinBase couple of weeks ago and tonight, I am a 8.5! This is after I have bought the product!? Anyway I am sticking to my 7.5 as you can’t really trust a colour match under artificial lighting.
We were shown how to use cream pigment in Emerge to cover any dark circles (this stuff works wonders); how to use hollow as an eye shadow base and any red discolouration on the skin. These cream pigments work very well, but you MUST set it with a setting powder else your cream pigment on lids will crease like h*ck unless you have very dry eye lids?
Contouring next, we were shown how to use hollow as a contouring product which gives a very subtle effect. Please note Hollow is not suitable for dark to very dark skin tones. This ashy brown pigment works ok on lighter skin tone with a light hand. For my medium skin tone, it can look very natural if I don’t apply too much product. Illamasqua’s synthetic contouring brush was fabulous, especially for cream products like Hollow.
THAT’s It. The end of the workshop. Obviously, with just foundation and contouring, we all look a little off colour.. ahahhaha… we were given a little quick tutorial on how to pick the right blusher to compliments your skin tones. I am now olive with yellow undertone (?), apart from purple based blushers.. most are acceptable on me. So I picked Rude, a coral with slight warm pink cream blusher. It was surprisingly easy to apply and it looks very nice and compliments the look very well.
Then to add a little more colour, I picked couple of lipsticks to try. Corrupt (a warm bright pink) and Scandal (a warm coral pink) shades.. Corrupt looks very striking on me, nice but I think it suits day look better. So I went for Scandal, it was bright but still very believable.
After that, we bid farewell to our educator and went to shop floor to exchange our course booking fee with products (or product), at £20… You can’t really get products, singular ok? 😛 Anyway, I feel a bit naked without any eye makeup, so I asked to try the eyebrow cake in Thunder. A MUA demonstrated it on me, I am totally in love with this powder/wax brow cake. I have always wanted this well groomed look on my brows! (I will post a review on this in the near future).
I’ve asked for a pot of Hydra Veil… at last.. it feels right. So I happily left the shop clutching my purchase… bliss…
 Now onto the products..

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

First Impression: Illamasqua Hydra Veil
What it claims to be… Hydra Veil is a primer cross moisturiser which also contains anti-ageing ingredients without sunscreen, which is non-greasy, non-sticky and suitable for all skin types. It comes in a black shiny jar, like a little potion pot! Goes very well with the rest of the Illamasqua product line.
How to use it?
The jar comes with a little spatula, (I don’t like using little bits and bobs with my products, like the Estee Lauder Advanced Eye Cream comes with a little stick with a rotating ball?!!). But it is 10 times better than use your fingers. As every time you use this product, you’ll have to stir the gel to activate it. Once *activated*, the paste will turn kinda lumpy (sounds gross doesn’t it :P) and you scoop out a pea sized gel. Distribute this evenly on your hands, spread & pat it lightly onto your skin where you normally would use a primer.
Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Once the gel has been left alone, it will return to its paste like state, sitting quietly and prettily in the black sleek jar. Am I making it sound like its ALIVE?
Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

As with other primers, you will need to let it sinks in before applying your foundation. With Hydra Veil, it only needs a few minutes.
Normally, if you use this as a primer, you would cleanse your face, apply moisturiser with SPF or add a layer of sunscreen, primer before applying foundation.
Why use it, who would use it?
Everyone apparently. MUA especially, as it means you don’t have to carry moisturisers plus a primer in your kit.
As mentioned before, the gel will returns to its gel paste form if left untouched. So in theory, this gel will be going into your lines and pores and  level them out! To be honest, my pores weren’t noticeably smaller compare to the effects I get with Benefit POREfessional primer. But it does give a lovely moisturised feel to the skin and doesn’t feel too sticky, a good base for foundation.
Hydra Veil does make a good primer, and it works very well with Skinbase foundation. I have combination skin with oily T zone and I find some unsightly dry patches near my nose, so that tells me…>>> NOT to skip my moisturiser. If you have oily, this could work very well for you. I do prefer Hydra Veil over Illamasqua matte primer.
Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Packaging: Black sleek potion pot, really nice!
Price: £27 UK Illamasqua store and online
Value: Good, there’s a lot of product here considering you only need to use very little at a time.
Overall Summary: First impression, so I can’t comment on this yet. I will update this post after couple of weeks.. 🙂 but I think this will work well with me.
Cream pigments in Emerge and Hollow
I have been convinced about Emerge during my last visit to this store. I wanted to see if it sits well (most concealers fade on me) before buying. This time round, it has won me over. I won’t blah on and on about it, but you should know that salmon coloured colour corrector really do work on dark circles. The salmon tone can neutralise the purpley darkness under your eyes.
Whereas the Hollow, is an ashy brown pigment. Often used as an eye shadow base and colour correct your lids. It will cover all red veins. I am not so impressed with Hollow as a base, as it creases on me at an alarming rate. It did stay after I’ve set it with setting powder twice. I think I will stick with Urban Decay primer potion for now. As a contouring pigment, then yes, due to its cream consistency it is super easy to blend and use. The product is not dark on me so I can use this as a very subtle contouring cream.
Educator emphases that we should never use a bronzer to contour with, bronzer is good for warming your skin up but it’s always too orangey as a bronzer for most skin colour. (I can testify this when using Urban Decay Naked Flush, I wrongly used this on my nose as a contouring powder and it looked orange against my neutral/olive skin. But it’s great when used for adding a bit of warmth to the face).
As you might be aware that most of Illamasqua matte lipsticks are ultra-dry but the staying power is second to none. Scandal stayed on my lips after I ate and drink, and for hours I didn’t have to touch up with anything. It does feel dry so best to use these with a nourishing lip care product.
I am really liking the colour choices Illiamasqua has to offer, there might be similar but you won’t be able to find the same shade in high street stores.
Overall summary for this workshop: 3.5/5
Clear, concise with good interaction between educator and students. Comparing this to the other 2 makeup classes I have attended, Mac is still my favourite for makeup basics. I would hope this workshop was less about Hydra Veil but more about Illamasqua other products, maybe bestsellers etc As we spent a long while just checking out Hydra Veil. It is a great product, but we were all converted within the first 5 mins 😛
Thank you for reading this looong post!
Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer @iamcherrylemon Beak Street London


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