NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils – Review and Swatches

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils – Review and Swatches

NYX (ppl pronounce it as N.Y.X. Or like Nix)! NYX is a good US brand at drugstore prices (slightly more than ELF I believe, at least it is true for UK customers!), some of their products are loved by beauty gurus, such as their Mega Shine lip glosses, their HD foundation apparently is comparable or as a dupe for Make Up Forever HD foundation. I can’t verify as I do not own neither of them! Although I am tempted to get my hands on both of them, but I do need to, somehow, finish more of my foundation stash.. this might take awhile! What’s with hoarding make-up?!

But the most famous product line from NYX must be their Jumbo Eye Pencils! They come in a vast range of beautiful colours, just about any colour shades you find in a rainbow plus more! Like the gold and silvers too.

NYX Jumbo Pencils in (L to R) Slate, Black Bean, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Cashmere, Iced Mocha @iamcherrylemon

NYX Jumbo Pencils in (L to R) Slate, Black Bean, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Cashmere, Iced Mocha @iamcherrylemon

Back in March this year, I went to the London Pro Beauty show with my makeup buddy Elly. I pretty much went crazy! NYX was the first stand we raided straight after the doors opened.
Elly recommended their pressed eye shadows to me for awhile. So I couldn’t wait to finally check the products out. Unfortunately they didn’t have any pressed eye shadows on the day. But they had 20% off everything. Normally they have 15% off for students and 25% for professional MUAs.

Anyway, back to NYX products! I picked up quite few pieces, even some for my sister as she loves mauve/rose lipsticks and very keen on soft eye pencils.

In my shopping bag, I have some NYX jumbo eye pencils! There were so many colours to choose from, it was pretty hard to pick. The ones I have checked all have nice soft consistency. Cottage cheese was noticeably softer than Milk. It was funny referring to these pencils, “hey I’ve applied black bean and cottage cheese on my eyes. What? You have Milk and Iced Mocha?”

Here are my big six, from L to R… Slate, Black Bean, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Cashmere and Iced Mocha

NYX Jumbo Pencils in (L to R) Slate, Black Bean, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Cashmere, Iced Mocha: iamcherrylemon swatches

NYX Jumbo Pencils in (L to R) Slate, Black Bean, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Cashmere, Iced Mocha: iamcherrylemon swatches

  • Slate is a dark grey shimmer shade
  • Black bean is a true jet black (NYX best seller)
  • Milk is a matte white (NYX best seller)
  • Cottage cheese is a off white with shimmer
  • Cashmere is gold like bronze shimmer
  • Iced Mocha is the taupe brown with slight shimmer

Milk, is the best-selling colour in the US for this range. This is a matte white, opaque, very versatile product. You can use this as an eye shadow base to make colour pop, use with vibrant shadows for more striking colours! or use in inner corners of the eyes to open eyes up. Use it lightly under your brow bone, yes you can use it as small area highlighter (such as cupid’s bow, under brow bone) as its very blend-able and soft. Please note that these jumbo pencils are creamy in texture, you probably can’t use jumbo pencil alone as a shadow base, I do find it creases. But let me know if you find it is acceptable.

Cottage Cheese is a softer version of Milk?! I didn’t think I wanted it until Elly recommended this soft shimmery cream! It is more user friendly and it makes an excellent liner for lower lash line. Not as harsh as Milk on medium to darker skin tones.

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Cottage Cheese @iamcherrylemon

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Cottage Cheese @iamcherrylemon

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Cottage Cheese @iamcherrylemon swatches

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk and Cottage Cheese @iamcherrylemon swatches

My favourite combo for creating a super SUPER quick soft smokey look must be Iced Mocha with Black Bean, with a lick of mascara then you are good to go. Great for days you don’t have more than 3 mins to do your makeup or for overnight stays as you don’t have to take your makeup trunk with you!
I do find I need to use a very good eye shadow primer/base with Black Bean. It tends to travel onto my under eye area (creating a panda look more than a smokey one).
I haven’t used Slate yet, but I love gunmetal kind of colours as liner so I expect to love it 😛
Cashmere, is a wonderful gold liner, you can compare this with Nars Spring 13 collection, Corcovado (which is slightly more warm yellow, but it applies like sheer goldy colour)

3 minutes Super quick soft smokey eye with Nyx Jumbo Pencils
You can create this look with any 2 or 3 jumbo pencils! I use my Iced Mocha and Black Bean. Imagine Slate (Shimmery Grey) with Rocky Mountain (Green), or French Fries (Goldy) or Bronze with Dark Brown… or go crazy with the bolds!

  1. Apply eye shadow primer onto lids
  2. Apply the lighter shade almost all over your lids, soften around the crease line
  3. Now line your eyes with the darker shade and smoke it out lightly
  4. Optional. Lower lash line with darker shade, I only apply outer third of my lower lash line
  5. Optional. Inner corners with a light dab of Cottage Cheese or Cashmere
  6. Apply mascara, and WALA!!!

Have I mentioned that they are super soft? But not quite as soft and creamy as UD 24/7 glide on pencils.

What’s not to like? Great quality products at affordable prices. But hard to get hold of if you are in the UK. There is a NYX online website, where they constantly have some products on 3 for 2 offers. Some online beauty shops also stock NYX, such as Love-up.co.uk, cocktail cosmetics etc.

Colour Payoff: Very good, opaque with 1 stroke with most colours. Very build-able!
Packaging: White glossy pencil with clear lid, so you can see what colour you are picking up!
Price: £4.50 a pencil approx
Quality: Very good
Ease of use: Extremely easy to blend, and use. So many ways to wear as well, you are only limited to your own imagination
Wear: 6 to 7 hours + with a good eye primer, I recommended Too Face shadow insurance or UD eye primer potion
Availability: NYX online shop, Love-Makeup, Cocktail Cosmetics, Very.co.uk, Amazon and many more

Pros: Great quality at very affordable prices; lots of colour choices;
Cons: Need a big sharpener; Online purchase only; not as many offers as ELF

Overall Summary: 4/5

NYX Jumbo Pencil Sharpener @iamcherrylemon

NYX Jumbo Pencil Sharpener @iamcherrylemon

Will I repurchase and recommend to a friend? Yes! And I will tell them to pick a few too!

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