Silicone Primer WHYs & HOWs and the Review on Benefit POREfessional primer

Yes, I love my primers (warning: this is going to be a long post!). Don’t you? I totally understand not everyone use a primer, not everyone likes to wear a primer every single day. Everyone is different that’s what makes the world beautiful and interesting J Right?
Why do we use silicone primers?
  • Provide a smooth base for your foundation to achieve that flawless look, the silicone primer acts as fillers for fine lines and pores. But nothing will ever make you pore-less. (If you’ve found something that does, please let me know!) 😛
  • Primer acts as a barrier between your skin and the make-up
  • Prolongs the wear of your make-up
  • Some primers contain SPF, added sun protection is always good
  • Even out skintone (yay!)
  • It is more suitable for oily skin, it is oil free
Any problem with silicone primers?
  • It may clog pores and cause breakouts IF you do not clean your skin properly and thoroughly.. (using make-up removal wipes is not enough!)
  • Silicone primers do not work well with all foundations
  • Although silicone is non-reactive, but if you do have sensitive skin, please test and read the ingredients carefully before using
How to use a primer?
Primer is (or normally!) applied onto your pre-cleansed, pre-moisturised skin before foundation. It creates a nice smooth surface for your foundation. Always let the primer set before applying the foundation (liquid or powder). Oh yes I have rushed it on before and lived to regret it!
Many people apply their primer using fingers, apparently the warmth of your fingers melts the product and makes it glides onto your skin easier. Some would use a foundation brush. I use my fingers purely because its quick.
Primers can be matte or satin etc, helps to create the look you want to achieve. I use a primer on most days, as I need my make-up to last more than 12 hours a day and I need all the help I can get.
I choose the primer depending on the foundation I choose to use on the day, as not all primers go with every single foundation. Try not to use silicone based primers with water based foundations and vice versa. It seems to makes every sense, water mixes with water and oil mixes with oil, by oil I mean waxy type of foundations! I find that mixing a water-based foundation with a silicone primer, it does make the foundation looks clumpy on skin and impossible to blend.
Some of the popular silicone based primers:
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (my very first primer, it feels incredibly smooth on skin, and it comes with colour correcting versions too)
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
  • Bare Escentuals Prime Time Foundation Primer Oil Control
  • Chanel Base Lumiere
  • Benefit POREfessional
There are many brands of primers, but in this post I will review the silicone based primer in which I regularly use and liked. Next time… I will post reviews on the other primers that I use regularly 🙂
Benefit POREfessional (they actually call this the smoothing balm, not primer)
One of the most famous one out there, there is no way you have not heard about this!! This little baby was launched in 2011 and it has taken the beauty world by storm, due to its effectiveness to create the smooth and flawless skin look. Very hyped up product, used by many YouTube Beauty Gurus, also highly recommended in beauty blogs & magazines,  I must admit I do love this one a lot.
Benefit POREfessional primer soothing balm @iamcherrylemon

Benefit POREfessional primer soothing balm @iamcherrylemon

I am on my second tube of POREfessional, I like using this with my Mac Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 foundation or L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation, they seem to go pretty well together.
Although it calms to stay matte, it doesn’t seem to do that for my combination skin. But you can touch up with POREfessional on top of your made up look. The contents is silky smooth, looks white although goes on skin as translucent.. due to being silicone based it’s easy to apply and seems to melts onto your skin. It does a pretty good job at minimising the look of pores.
Benefit POREfessional primer soothing balm box and tube @iamcherrylemon

Benefit POREfessional primer soothing balm box and tube @iamcherrylemon


Benefit POREfessional primer soothing balm box and tube 2 @iamcherrylemon

Benefit POREfessional primer soothing balm box and tube 2 @iamcherrylemon

Price: £24.50 for 22ml from Boots, on the pricy side for me
Packaging: The box it comes in is a bit excessive, but rather cute. Squeezy tube is very handy to get the last drop out!
Availability: Boots online (and store with Benefits counter); Benefit own website; ASOS; Debenhams
Ease of use: Very easy, just make sure you don’t mix with water based foundation
Wear: Pretty much all day (6 to 8 hours)
Overall Summary: 4.5/5 (just the price!)
Would I repurchase? yes, already have done so !
If you are interested, you might want to get this during the regular 10 (to 15)% off Beauty at Debenhams events. ASOS would have 10% during Beauty sales, and 20% discount at times. I luckily got mine during ASOS’s 20% sale period.

Currently Boots has an offer on Benefits products, where you get a trial sized POREfessional with any Benefit product purchase (use the coupon the comes with Boots’ Health & Beauty Magazine, offer ends 26th June 2013).
Very nice, handy travel size!! I am sooooo tempted! 😀


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