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Shiseido Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Eye Liners (BR601 Amber Brown and GD802 Dark Olive Green) product review


Shiseido Majolica Majorca Automatic Eye Liners - GD802 and BR601 Product Review - @iamcherrylemon

Hello there, hope the week is going well for you :) Who’s tired of the UK’s ever-changing weather! I just had my umbrella blown shut! Ok enough of ranting. .. :)

Majolica Majorca is a sister company of Shiseido, pricing is more affordable and the quality is still pretty good. It is a well-loved brand within Asia.
I love liquid liners, as most gel or pencil liners would smudge/transfer on my lids during the day. I like to try new liners but my favourite is still Dolly Wink ;) I picked these 2 liners up as they are not the normal black liquid liner pens. So far, I have been using these for a few weeks and here are my thoughts on the liners :)


Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner shades

Each liner pen contains 1.3ml of product, it doesn’t sound like a lot! First of all, it took me a few seconds to work out what I had to do when I first opened the packaging! Basically, you have to remove the bright orange secure clip. To start using the liner, you must twist the top of the pen until you hear clicking sounds and the ink will start to flow into the brush nib. I find it hard to control how much liner ink I can dispense! As 1 click will give you enough ink for lining both eyes!
I always preferred to use a brush applicator over one with felt-tip. It is easier to use and I can get a very precise line with brushes.


Shiseido Majolica Majorca Automatic Eye Liners @iamcherrylemon

BR601 is a lovely amber brown with slight sheen, it is not metallic and not reflective at all. (see swatch) This is my preferred one out of the 2, the colour is great and it is opaque with 1 swipe of the product.
GB802 is a very dark olive green with slight sheen. This one is not as opaque and I have to line twice to get a nice solid line.
I like the fact these liners are not shimmery and the colours are wearable,and can enhances your eye colour.


Shiseido Majolica Majorca Automatic Eye Liners - Photo Swatches for GD802 and BR601 - @iamcherrylemon


Shiseido Majolica Majorca Automatic Eye Liner - Brush tip - @iamcherrylemon

Easy to use
Smudge-proof and slightly waterproof
Light and travel-friendly
Price is reasonable
Great colour range available
Clean and precise line application

Pigmentation (not consistent across the range)
Very wet consistency, it takes slightly longer to dry/set
Hard to control the flow of the liner ink (the twisting of the liner pen!)
Start to fade after 6 hours wear (on my oily eye lids)

Price: Around £5/6 in JP, £11 in UK online sites (such as YesStyle)


Shiseido Majolica Majorca Automatic Eye Liners - GD802 and BR601 - @iamcherrylemon

I love liquid liners, do you prefer pencil eyeliners, gel or liquid?

Thank you for reading :)

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NOTD Halloween inspired stamped manicure on China Glaze Riveting

NOTD Halloween inspired stamped manicure using China Glaze polish in Riverting Stamped with Moyou London Kaleidoscope Plate Collection 09 @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Halloween inspired stamped manicure using China Glaze polish in Riverting Stamped with Moyou London Kaleidoscope Plate Collection 09 @iamcherrylemon

Hello and Happy Friday, I’ve been AWOL… Please excuse me! Today I’m back with a Halloween inspired manicure.
At work, I don’t think anyone will take me seriously if I start wearing and drawing skulls and creepy crawlies on my nails XD
It did cross my mind what kinda spiders I want thou :P so here’s a toned down version with just the right colours.

Riveting is a brilliant orange shimmer, it fires up while in direct sunlight or with flash. I like it alot but I don’t wear it enough. I normally like pairing it with China Glaze “Electrifying”. Yes they make a serious orange overkill!

China Glaze poish in Riveting and Konad Stamping polish in Black @iamcherrylemon

China Glaze poish in Riveting and Konad Stamping polish in Black @iamcherrylemon

I’ve chosen to use this Moyou plate image for its simple yet effective design. It is not the most intricate design so it’s very easy to use and for the stamper to pick up the image clearly.

What I’ve used:


Thank you and until next time. .. Have fun :)


Slippery Slimy Snail Goodness as Skincare Products? How far would you go for your skincare routine? #SkincareFriday product reviews

Hi there, how are you? I hope you are having a lovely Friday so far. Today’s #SkincareFriday post is all about… yes a funny ingredient called mucin (snail extract).

Snail extracts have been recognised for skin recovery benefits by ancient Greeks, and it has been making a huge comeback in Korea for the past few years.

I also have heard of beauty products containing spider web extracts, horse oil and bird poo, hair treatment with bull’s semen? I draw the line at snail extracts for now.

I am squeamish, and I have not been adventurous with these “natural but weird” skincare ingredients until now. I keep hearing a lot of good things and how effective snail products are. Apparently, even Katie Holmes is a big fan of snail slime products used for her glowing skin!

Snail extracts also known to help restore skin’s youthful radiance with collagen, elastin, vitamin E and protein. Korean beauty companies have claimed that snail slime extracts can help with hyperpigmentation, scarring, reducing acne and anti-ageing. The list goes on and on, please note I am not a dermatologist, I am not here to tell you the proven facts about snail slime! I can only review the products, pass on my views about the pros and cons on the products I have chosen to try.

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics - Box Contents - @iamcherrylemon

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics – Box Contents – @iamcherrylemon

My only source for this yummy ingredient is via, you’ve guessed it, Korean beauty retailer memebox. There are many online Asian skincare companies that sell these products, but until I know this is working for me I won’t commit to it!

All the products I will be reviewing are from special box #10 Snail Cosmetics. This is a massive step for me in terms of trying out new skincare. Need to discard the snail images in my head and actually put the stuff on my face!

I didn’t even tell my other half when I use these products with snail slime extracts, just in case he freaks out or tell me to source my snail slime in our garden instead XD

Ok, the review!

DKDN ~ Snail Recover Intensive Serum 30ml

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics - Serum - @iamcherrylemon

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics – Serum – @iamcherrylemon

DKDN Snail Recover Intensive Serum photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

DKDN Snail Recover Intensive Serum photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

This serum consists of 93% pure extract from the healing property of snails. It claims to nourish, moisturise, and brighten up dull and saggy skin.

This is one of the first products I have tried from the snail box, it is a serum in a glass bottle. The serum itself is clear and the consistency is medium-thick. It smells faintly of plants (??).

The usage instruction for this serum is that you apply it after cleansing and essence, dab a good amount onto your skin and let it absorb the goodness.

I really enjoyed using this, it gives enough moisture to my skin even when I am not using a night cream. I can see the product is getting used up in the bottle, it is starting to make me sad knowing I will run out of this stuff one day!!

This product retails at around $33

Score: 4 out of 5

Pure Smile ~ Non-Silicone Snail Treatment 250g

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics - Snail Slime Hair Treatment - @iamcherrylemon

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics – Snail Slime Hair Treatment – @iamcherrylemon

As you probably know, most shampoo and conditioners contain some amount of silicone. As silicone makes your hair feel smoother and look shinier but it also coat your hair, stopping it from absorbing good nutrients (if you do apply it that is!). It is refreshing to use a non-silicone product on my hair. I have been using this treatment a few weeks, it does make my hair feel softer afterwards. The product smells of artificial rose, but it is undetectable after rinsing. But it does not give me that fake *smoothness* silicone products would!

This product retails at around $16

Score: 2.5 out of 5, I am still a big fan of Argan oil hair treatments, it is not being replaced just yet!

Elensilia ~ EGF Renovage Youth Activating Eye Cream 25g

This eye cream is very hyped up and loved by many Asian skincare enthusiasts.

It claims to have ability to delays, repairs, stops signs of ageing on the eyes. It also nullify fine wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes too.

I cannot verify this cream did all that for me! But I have seen slight improvement on the moisture front, on the fine lines around my eyes. I am happy in that sense, as the new lines appeared after I tested another eye cream from another beauty box! Yes I am annoyed about that!

This product retails at $89, I am not sure this is the real RRP, but it is the price given on the Snail box information card.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

The Skin House ~ Wrinkle Snail System Cream 50ml

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics - Snail Wrinkle System Cream - @iamcherrylemon

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics – Snail Wrinkle System Cream – @iamcherrylemon

This company is famous for producing products that are made from 100% pure nature ingredients. This Snail system cream claims to help retain moisture level for 24 hours, it replenishes and nourishes skin that is dry, rough and wrinkle-prone. This cream is recommended for people with dry skin that’s in need of wrinkle care.

I am not at that stage but there’s nothing wrong with starting your anti-ageing regime. I have oily combination skin and few dry patches. The texture of this cream is the most weird and peculiar, I have never dealt with any face, hand or body cream with the same texture! It is stringy and looks like slime… (don’t fear yet). It is actually fun to use despite being horribly messy to use on the face. I once dropped the protective lid onto the pink memebox. Of course, it had to land cream side down… ah, it smells like herbal plant derived products.

To use, I utilise the little plastic scoop that comes with the cream. I scoop up a little amount and warm it up between my palms (that creates more strings!) before pressing this lightly onto my face. It feels heavy but it sinks into the skin really well, my skin feels like it is just drinking it all up. It scares me, my skin certainly is not moisturised enough for it to absorb all that! Anyway, I am really liking this cream. This is probably my favourite product from the box!

I have been using this cream on and off for past few weeks. I find that this is very nourishing on skin and I do not need to apply this every single night. This is a really good night cream :) skin feels more supple and nourished. Big thumbs up!

This Wrinkle snail system cream retails at $18

Score: 4 out of 5

Purederm ~ Age Regenerating Multi-step Treatment: Age Regenerating Ampoule & Snail 3D Mask, 25ml @ $4

This mask comes in 2 portions, the top pouch is filled with a Cell Illuminating Ampoule, in which you apply this onto the skin before the mask. The mask is cut ok and fitted my face. To be honest, this is the first time I have used mask that comes with extra essence/ampoule. Not sure if this was necessary? :P Anyhow, I love sheet masks and I like this one.

DewyTree ~ Snail Vitalising Mask 25g @ $3 approx

This mask was not on the information card inside the box, so I am guessing this is a freebie mask! :)

I did enjoy using this mask, the sheet mask itself was very comfortable on the skin and it fits quite well. The scent was quite noticeable but it is not something that would bother me :p

I have left it on for 20 minutes, the result seems good and my skin felt moisturised the next morning. I am not too loyal to sheet masks, hard to say I will seek this out and make a repurchase.

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics - Facial Sheet Masks - @iamcherrylemon

Memebox Special Box #10 Snail Cosmetics – Facial Sheet Masks – @iamcherrylemon

These are all the snail slime products that I have, apart from the sheet masks, the rest of the products are being very loved in my skincare routine.

Thanks for reading :)

Are you familiar with these “weird but natural” ingredients? As I know I am late to the party… :P

14.Oct.2014: Within the UK, you can now obtain snail products in Holland and Barretts. They have a snail skincare range now, Facial Serum £17.99 with free delivery (orders over £10)
If you’re not convinced about snail treatment, then head over to H&B and pick up a hydrating mask rial size at £1.99

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Memebox Princess Edition #1 Snow White and #2 Sleeping Beauty Unboxing #MyMemeboxAddiction

Hello everyone! It is unboxing time again! You would have thought I have grown out of this princessy stuff by now, but hey! Just keeping it young at heart ;)

Today I’ve just received my first ever memebox order, although they are not the first boxes to arrive here!

These 2 boxes are from the first Princess themed boxes launched in August, there has been 3 more princess boxes (Little mermaid, Tinkerbell and Cinderella) launched in September.

First box is the Princess box #1 Snow White

Princess Edition #1 Snow White memebox

Princess Edition #1 Snow White memebox


Snow White has been my favourite Disney princess for as long as I can remember :).The ORIGINAL Disney Princess who’s known for her kind heart and beautiful bright skin.

Official box description: The cooler months spell for the perfect time to brighten up skin, even out complexions and target pesku dark spots! Whatever shade of the rainbow your skin colour is, optimise your skin’s radiance and clarity for luminous, glowing skin. Now that summer is coming to an end, lay off the bakin’ and pull out our ultra-brightening and super potent Snow White box! Discover Princess Snow White’s ultimate secret to beautifully bright skin that made her a beauty legend!



Snow White box contents:

  • Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener (this is very popular in Asia!), 120ml rrp $29
  • Original raw First Essence (Vitamin version), 110ml rrp $26
  • Daltokki Whitening Essence, 100ml rrp $35
  • 5 Seeds Apple Water Brightning Scrub, 80ml rrp $26
  • Faceflux Anti-wrinkle Revitalize cream, 30g rrp $38
  • Morningtree Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot, 20ml rrp $34





These whitening products sound very scary initially, whitening makes you think the product might contain bleach for skin! I personally have been using whitening products for years and it has not change my skin shade. I have stayed around NC25 to NC30.

6 full size products with retail value of $188. Good value. But to be honest, I wouldn’t pay $29 for a body lotion! But is always nice to try :)

Second box is the Princess box#2 Sleeping Beauty! Who doesn’t want to wake up with the most gorgeous skin every morning?! Let the products work for you while you sleep! Genious!

Princess Edition #2 Sleeping Beauty memebox

Princess Edition #2 Sleeping Beauty memebox


After thought…I will probably get woken up by my cats meowing and not a prince’s kiss! :P

Official box description: Break out of your beauty rut and pamper yourself in the PM for an instant beauty transformation! Revitalise dull and tired looking skin with ultra-moisturising, and super nutritious formulas to lock in hydration and essential vitamins and minerals! Give yourself the ultimate skin care therapy with beauty goodies that re-texturize, repair, and renew skin for petal-soft, radiant skin the next morning! Don’t fall asleep on your beauty potential, but jump start your beauty with this Sleeping Beauty box! Transform your skin with the right overnight products – and without the wait.



This box contains few sleeping packs, night creams, and 2 aloe items. I love Aloe but I am very keen to try out the neck cream. It is one of those products that you don’t realise you needed it until it’s too late.

Sleeping beauty box contents:

  • ReinPlatz Intensive Moisture Pack, 23g rrp $4
  • Vella Neck Tight Cream, 50ml rrp $30
  • D’Ran Aqua Wonder Recovery Cream, 25g rrp $35
  • Dermahouse Aloe Vera Gel, 150ml rrp $29
  • eChoice Aloe Vera cream, 10g rrp $3
  • Dewytree Aqua Collagen Peptide Sleeping Mask, 150ml rrp $28




6 full size products but 1 of them is one-use. . So I count that as 5! This box has retail value of $129.
Another good value box but rrp value is nothing if the products don’t work! I shall report back with few week’s usage!

Although there are no real cute Princess themed items, nothing too pinky too girly… I’m not complaining as the contents seems to be what I’m looking for and willing to try ;D

I’ve enjoyed using and testing all the previous memebox items. It really has upped my skincare game. I can see a difference already :)

I hope you like this unboxing post and gotten a feel of what these boxes are like. I did not get the Rapunzel box, it is all for beautiful, strong hair and it looked like a very good box as well! If you are interested in any of these boxes, you might be able to catch a restock of them! Just stalk the “Ship Soon” page like I do every-single-day :p
Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of your week :D

Get $5 off any order using discount code: 9MGQ (you can only use this once in October)

Other codes:

$5 off on orders above $100 (until 30th October 2014): AFFILIATE-6291-W6W8F-HBYM

$10 off on orders above $150 (until 30th October 2014): AFFILIATE-2799-V1CMO-OAXB

Note: This post contains affiliate links

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NOTD Lilypad Lacquer in Flaming Hot, gold flake glitter holographic polish, photo swatch

NOTD Lilypad Lacquer Holo polish in Flaming Hot (Direct Sunlight) @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Lilypad Lacquer Holo polish in Flaming Hot (Direct Sunlight) @iamcherrylemon

Hello there, today’s post is a swatch post only. This is “Flaming Hot” by Lilypad Lacquer. It’s not a straight forward holographic polish, but it also contain gold flakes with holo effects that can be seen at certain angles. It doesn’t make it less beautiful but it has extra dimension to it.
Flaming Hot is a gold mini flakes, holographic polish. The normal colour is peachy gold, reddish but it is not a rose gold ;)

From LilypadLacquer:
“Flaming Hot” – From the “Crazy for Colour” collection – Hand mixed 5 FREE holographic nail lacquer Made in Australia
15ml. A gorgeous reddened peach holographic nail lacquer with gold sparkle.

The first swatches were taken with 2 coats of Flaming Hot without topcoat.

NOTD Lilypad Lacquer Holo Glitter polish in Flaming Hot (Flash and Indoor Lighting) @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Lilypad Lacquer Holo Glitter polish in Flaming Hot (Flash and Indoor Lighting) @iamcherrylemon

Lilypad Lacquer in Flaming Hot @iamcherrylemon

Lilypad Lacquer in Flaming Hot @iamcherrylemon

The following swatches were taken with 2 coats of Flaming Hot and “Out of the door” Fast drying topcoat. I’m testing this topcoat at the moment. It seems pretty decent but it’s not as thick as Seche Vite. This means it does show up any ridges if your colour coat is also thin.

NOTD Lilypad Lacquer Holo polish in Flaming Hot (Direct Sunlight) @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Lilypad Lacquer Holo polish in Flaming Hot (Direct Sunlight) @iamcherrylemon

I didn’t want to stamp over this or do much to it at all. It looks stunning as it is :)
I love LilypadLacquer, I googled many swatches and not found any that’s not worth getting!

I bought this from a blog sale, you can find Lilypad Lacquer from many indie online stores. Rainbow Connections and Sally Magpie both stock Lilypad Lacquer polishes.

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy Wednesday!

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NOTD Burberry Nail polish in Oxblood photo swatch

Hello there!  Today I’m sharing a nail polish swatch post with you. I’m using Burberry’s Oxblood. This is not a new shade,  I’ve bought it last winter! Worn it twice and liked the colour. Oxblood is a shiny deep red, it’s great for colder days.

NOTD Burberry Nail Polish in Oxblood photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Burberry Nail Polish in Oxblood photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

Almost full coverage with 1 coat, but 2 coats and it would look perfect. But I find this Oxblood a tag too thick to work with,  maybe I need to add some polish thinner.

The swatch was taken with 2 coats of Oxblood and 1 layer of topcoat.

Burberry nail polishes are all very shiny even without a topcoat. (See my other NOTDs with Burberry polishes: Khaki Green and Pink Peony). This one is still shiny but it didn’t last long on me. I had noticeable tip wear after only 1.5 days.

All in all, a lovely shade of winter red but would love it even more if it lasts longer :/


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