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NOTD Ciaté London Shell Manicure “She sells seashells” photo swatch and a possible Dupe?

Ciate London Shell Manicure - She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

Ciate London Shell Manicure – She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

Hiya there :)
I lied in my last post, that wasn’t the last summer NOTD… this will be. I totally forgot I had this manicure photographed couple of weeks back. My bad!
I received this Shell Manicure set at my last clothes swap with my girley friends, where we swap clothes, makeup, shoes,  home stuff, general beauty etc. I love clothes swap as you might already know. .. We always have so much fun :)

I’ve only started playing with texture manis not that long ago. I’ve started with Caviar manicure, it’s 3D but not too practical. Very pretty thou ;)

“She Sells Seashells” is a very lovely mixture of pink based shell pieces, mostly pink but it also has green, yellow, purple and darker pink pieces. I probably didn’t use enough shell pieces :P

NOTD Ciaté London Shell Manicure - She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Ciaté London Shell Manicure – She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

Today’s shell is applied/completed in the same fashion as Caviar manicure. I have used Barry M’s Gelly nail paint in Grapefruit.

  1. Apply base coat and 1 coat of nail polish (your base colour)
  2. Apply 2nd layer of the nail colour and pour the shell pieces onto the nail while the polish is still wet.
  3. Press on the shell to make sure all pieces are secured.
  4. Apply top coat to protect your manicure.

Pressing on the shell pieces not only will secure its place, you’ll also flatten it so that nothing sharp with poke out.

Price: £20 (The Shell mani set comes with a bottle Fun Fair and a bottle of pink based shell mixture)

Availability: Ciate online, Debenhams

Overall Score: 3/5 :)


And the possible dupe! I went to Poundworld and found a pack of shell mixture in 6 different colours :) yup all for £1!

Shell mixture pots nailart pack, £1 for 6 colours from Poundworld @iamcherrylemon

Shell mixture pots nailart pack, £1 for 6 colours from Poundworld @iamcherrylemon

With the colour shell pieces, you can customise your own shell mani ;)

Poundworld Nail Art - Sea shell selection @iamcherrylemon

Poundworld Nail Art – Sea shell selection @iamcherrylemon


Pink shell pieces @iamcherrylemon

Pink shell pieces @iamcherrylemon


Thanks for reading and have a great Friday and weekend!

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Beginners DIY Stamping decals using Moyou London plates and Barry M Silks Nail Paints in Mist and Meadow photo swatch

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection Stamping Plates and Barry M Silk Nail Paints photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection Stamping Plates and Barry M Silk Nail Paints photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

Hello there :)
I’ve attempted to create DIY stamping decals, it looked so easy on YouTube tutorials. It’s not easy. Then again they are experts/gurus… but at least I had fun trying! (Please excuse the smudges! That’s what impatience do to nailart :p )

Plates used:
Graphic prints: Moyou London Princess collection 11 (for pointer)
Ice cream cone and Lolly prints: Moyou London Suki collection 3 (for middle and ring fingers)

Things I’ve learned:

  • Use any plate! Just pick a design that you can colour like a picture from the colouring book!
  • Stick with proper stamping polish for the stamping part (the outline), it will make life easier. I’ve used normal polishes for the fill in colours.
  • Have patience! It could take some practicing.
  • Again, have patience and wait for everything to dry before proceeding to the next step (I did rush and it ruin the decal and my painted nail! ).

There are a few methods in how to create stamping decals. Pick the one you think you can manage/master!

For this manicure, I’ve used Barry M’s Silks in Mist and Meadow. This will be my last summer inspired NOTD as it’s not summer where I live now :P

It’s almost sad having to pack away my summer bright colours. I’ve enjoyed summer nail arts. Next nail post? Autumn stamping manicure in full throttle!

Here’s another photo before I decide to add the ice cream cone and lolly print :P

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection 11 and Barry M Silk Nail Paints in Mist and Meadow photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection 11 and Barry M Silk Nail Paints in Mist and Meadow photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

Until then, take care :) Thanks for reading!

NOTD Darling Diva Cheer Bear nail polish and Moyou London Princess collection 13


Hi there, here’s a subtle stamping mani to share with you :)



I’m liking this Cheer Bear polish a lot, it is from the Darling Diva Care bear collection. This is a lovely (slightly cloudy) pink jelly with a rainbow of glitters and cute pink heart glitter pieces. I need to apply a more opaque pink base colour for this.

I have ordered this Cheer Bear polish from Mei Mei Signatures (Online nail polish specialist based in Singapore). Meimei site stocks alot of well known indies, from order placing to delivery to the UK, it took 9 days for me! I was very impressed :) I also took advantage of the warehouse sales discount codes too.

For this manicure:

  • Darling Diva in Cheer Bear (over a pale pink polish)
  • Barry M foil effects in Silver
  • Moyou London Princess Collection 11

Thank you for stopping by. Stamping is fun and easy to learn!


Disclaimer: Note spondored, all products purchased with my own money.

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Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 Happy Days theme @iamcherrylemon

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 Happy Days theme @iamcherrylemon

Happy Saturday everyone!

While I’m doing my normal clock watching at work yesterday, my friendly postie arrived and brightened my day with my Sept BirchBox!

Having 2 of my friends unsubscribing from BirchBox after last month’s box… I was hoping this month’s box will contain some super cool items to entice them back!

BirchBox UK September 2014 "Happy Days" theme @iamcherrylemon

BirchBox UK September 2014 “Happy Days” theme @iamcherrylemon

This month’s theme is Happy Days, things to remind you of the old good days. Birchbox even invited subscribers to tweet their “happy memories” photos, some are printed in the product card. Lovely way to get subscribers to be involved.
Birchbox also has teamed up with Photobox to include some discount codes for subscribers. Some lucky boxes might contain the legendary beautyblender. I’ve already got 1 from the June box :)
The actual box this month has also gotten a makeover, and can be converted into a lovely bright photo frame (instructions is printed on the editor note). It’s very “Blue Peter”! (Google if you haven’t heard of blue Peter hehe most British kids grew up watching it! )

Ok let’s dive in,  shall we?

Themed Happy Days BirchBox UK September 2014 @iamcherrylemon

Themed Happy Days BirchBox UK September 2014 @iamcherrylemon

Agave Healing Oil Treatment
This is a treatment oil for hair. Instruction states that I should use a 5p (its like a dime for US currency) sized amount. ..hmmm probably 10p (US quarter coin) I think!
I haven’t heard of this brand before but I’ve been using hair oil for years now. Moroccan oil is my usual brand. Let’s test this out!

Benefit It’s Potent!  Eye Cream
This is the item that is included in every September BirchBox. I don’t think this needs much introduction? This is one of Benefits bestselling skincare product. I’ve still got my sample from my August box. Am I picky/unreasonable? but I think if they planned to include this in all BirchBox for Sept then this product shouldn’t be included in last month’s box.

Korres Citrus Shower Gel
The brand is OK. I am not that excited because I’ve finished a mini bottle of this gel not that long ago. Product is ok :)

Model Co Power Lash Mascara
During August,  subscribers were sent an email to pick one if the items in their Sept box. I’ve picked mascara and that is what’s in the box :) can’t have too many mascaras, right?

Lifestyle extras
Urban Fruit – Magnificent Mango
I buy dried fruits from this brand regularly, it serves as a lovely snack as it’s kinda trick you into thinking you’ve eaten 1 of your 5 a day :) I’ve shared this with my work colleagues within 5 mins of opening this box (so this snack is not in the picture!)

BirchBox Happy Days photo clip – in bright pink!  One of my favourite colours :D
That’s all folks!

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 "Happy Days" theme @iamcherrylemon (2)

Unboxing BirchBox UK September 2014 “Happy Days” theme @iamcherrylemon (2)

Another bye bye to subscription boxes this month.

“BirchBox, it has been great knowing you. Until we meet again,  here’s the good byes…”

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Goodness me! Memebox & Banila Co. have teamed up! Banila box at VIP price #memebox #banilacobox #MyMemeboxAddiction !

Morning beautiful people, I am a bit crazy for memebox at the moment. So when I received the Banico box email and the shipping codes, I smiled like a Cheshire cat :p hehehe

memebox banila

memebox banila

Banila Co

High quality, high performance, beauty essentials: We’re shooting for the classics. Approved and endorsed by Korea’s top idol group member, Girls Generation’s Jessica, Banila Co. is certainly one of Korea’s top-selling, most-loved cosmetics brands!
$30 instead of $32 Banila Box here


Citrus Care Box

Zesty citrus fruits are prime beauty-boosting ingredients in tons of beauty products, and for a good reason!

Loaded with collagen-boosting Vitamin C and skin brightening natural acids, citrus fruits are skin and body-savers that halt the signs of aging and promote supple skin!

$20 instead of $23 Citrus box here


Banila Co + Citrus Care bundle plus free upgrade to express shipping

Saves 10%, $50 instead of $55

Both boxes ship from November 4th, 2014

More discount codes here:
CHEAPSHIP2: get $7 off when you buy 2 boxex
CHEAPSHIP3: get $14 off when you buy 3 or more boxes

valid until Sept 14th 12PM USA PST
For orders over $50, use code THX4FREESHIP50 (to get free shipping on orders above $50 on Thanksgiving Special Sets
Happy shopping!



Links are copied from FB memebox fanatics page, they might contains affiliated links.


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Burberry Light Glow (blushers) in Hydrangea Pink no.10 and Tangerine Blush no.06

Hello there!
Today I will be sharing with you, my reviews on couple of the Burberry blushers.


Official Description:
A lightweight blush that gives the skin a bright fresh glow.
Burberry Light Glow contains silicones for effortless and even application and wild rose extract for moisturising benefits.
The complexion glows with natural looking radiance.
Apply to the hollow of the cheeks to slim the face or apply to the cheek bone to highlight.

The Packaging
The compact is metallic and embossed with Burberry check pattern, it comes inside a navy velvety pouch. Inside the compact, you will find a nicely sized mirror plus a slim brush that’s made of natural hair (no idea what animal…). But do not underestimate this brush, it is actually great to use with the blusher!

The compact feels sturdy, but I will not drop it to test its durability!! :p

The Product
These blushers have the usual Burberry cosmetic fragrance, which has been described as “wild antique rose”. This scent is quite noticeable when you first open the compact, it doesn’t bother me much. It could be something that you will need to be aware of before making your purchase online!

Burberry light glow (blushers) are finely milled, and goes on skin very smoothly. Be mindful that these blushers are highly pigmented (especially Hydrangea Pink, this requires an extra light hand to work with!)

For the tangerine blush, I have used the brush that comes inside the case. I took this with me on holiday and used this as light contouring colour / a nice subtle blush.

The brush is great for contouring when turned slightly horizontal, and when used upright it is good for applying soft wash of colour on the cheeks. The soft bristles mean its good for blending too. OBVIOUSLY, it will be better when used with some proper makeup brushes.



I can only use RT face brush (or duo fibre blusher brush) with the Hydrangea Pink. Due to it being highly pigmented. The swatch photo was done with 1 swipe, the colour has staying power and it takes alot of work to undo any mistake :/


The Shades
These shades are not from the new collection and I believe they have been out for at least a year and part of the permanent line. These are matte blushes.


“Tangerine Blush” sounds very scary, tangerine to me.. it’s an orange shade. But this blush colour is not orange, the shade is very wearable and looks natural on my NW25 skin.


“Hydrangea Pink” is an intense mid fuschia pink, gives a very “Spring” feel. When applied lightly it does waken the face up in a radiant kind of way.

out of the 2, I do prefer Tangerine Blush :) simply because it is easier to wear but Hydrangea Pink is fun! I have another shade but not had much use out of it yet.

Long lasting
Highly pigmented
Fancy & luxury packaging :P

Pretty weighty, I don’t carry this around with me!


Price: £29 for 7g, Burberry instore and online, Harrods
Overall Score: 4 out of 5

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend :)


NOTD Ted Baker Cherry Bomb/Sugar Rush nail polish duo photo swatch


NOTD Ted Baker nail polish duo in Cherry Bomb and Sugar Rush @iamcherrylemon

Hello! Lots of notd and nail related recently! All thanks to the fb nail groups!
Today’s manicure was completed using This Ted Baker nail polish duo, which was a birthday present from my beauty friend Shereen. Thank you :* muah!

I’m very surprised how much I’m liking this formula. The cherry red polish was at the perfect consistency and opaque with 1 coat. It is not a thick polish either! The pink glitter was easy to apply and it’s not a chunky one.
At the time of wearing this mani, I was also trying out the MUA Peel off base coat in which I’ve reviewed here.

The darker red “Cherry Bomb”, lasted well for 3 days before it shows tiny bit of tipwear.

“Sugar Rush” is a lovely pink glitter, and very easy to pick up a brush-full of glitter.

Availability: eBay only

Thanks for reading!


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