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NOTD Heritage Damask manicure using Moyou London Fashionista stamping plate 7 and Barry M Silks nail paints, photo swatch

NOTD Damask Manicure using Moyou London Fashionista Collection 7 and Barry M Nail Paints photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Damask Manicure using Moyou London Fashionista Collection 7 and Barry M Nail Paints photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

Hello there! Do you like Damask? I love Damask patterns, classic and so calming (for me anyway! ) to look at, especially if the pattern is done in harmonising colours.
I got inspired by this image, it was a cookie gift box from Evelyn and Crabtree! We demolished the cookies and tea in no time, so I saved a photo of the box ♡♡ The mani should look better with antique gold polish paint, but this is the closest I can find from my stash ;)


NOTD Damask inspiration antique gold @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Damask inspiration antique gold @iamcherrylemon

For this manicure, I’ve used:

Moyou London Fashionista Collection plate 7 @iamcherrylemon

Moyou London Fashionista Collection plate 7 @iamcherrylemon

I love love love this stamping plate. Probably my second favourite plate from Moyou London. This plate is very versatile, the images will look good with many colour combos! Hm :P

Barry M Silks Nail Paint has been featured on my blog multiple of times! I swear I have more than 1 bottle of polish ahahha

See mani #1 / mani #2 / mani #3

OK short post indeed! Have a good week :)

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YSL Fusion Ink Foundation… is this futuristic perfection? review and photo swatches


Hiya! I’m super excited to review this product. I haven’t got so excited over a base product for a long while!
Of course, we’ve heard all the hype around this foundation, such as 20k people on waiting list prior to official launch? No idea if it’s all true but I’ve heard YSL counters have been *restocked*.

I gotten myself couple samples of the foundation in shades BD40 and B40 a while back. For your reference, I’m currently in shade Mac NW25/Estee Lauder DWear 2W1.
I’ve been using the foundation samples for 4 weeks and have gotten the full size in my chosen shade.


The packaging
It’s gold and its sleek, the bottle is made of frosty glass so it will look very pretty on your vanity. But not something you would travel with (for that,  just get a small sample bottle!  It’s brilliant)
I like the side bar where you can see how much of the foundation you’ve got left. Not that I’ve finished many bottles.

The gold lid comes off and the wand is attached to the black plastic screw top.
There’s no pump for dispensing the foundation. The *wand* picks up a minimal amount so you do not use more than you need. For me,  it really did make me feel I wasn’t using as much product as normal.

The product
Fusion Ink feels very light and airy. On skin, it definitely can make the skin feels smooth and look smoother. I did ask the YSL lady if there’s any silicone in it. .. Because this is how it felt, silicone primer and foundation in one swipe. The YSL lady informed me that there’s no silicone,  and it feels this good on skin because it’s made with space technology.
OK I’m no Enstein but I’m not about to fall for such wishy washy explanation! But it doesn’t matter, the foundation contains ingredients that absorbs excess oil and sebum. The foundation evaporates on skin and you’ll be left with a matte finish base that (claims to be) lasts 24 hours.

This foundation comes in 16 different shades and tones (there are 21 shades available in the US).

To my surprise, B40 is slightly darker and slightly more yellow toned than BD40. I’ve been testing the samples for the past 4 weeks and finally bought the full size after my samples are close to running out.


Again, the *wand* is great at picking up small amount of foundation. There really isn’t much need for overloading the product.

I’ve tried it with brushes and sponges, I find it works best with a brush (I’m using Sigma f80 or Real Techniques expert face brush) for a hi-medium coverage and by using the trusty beautyblender, it gives the best natural finish. I’m growing to like the natural finish alot. ..


My take on the product
I love my matte foundations for colder months.
This foundation gives a lovely matte finish, it does look like beautiful skin. Unlike other matte foundations, which can make the face look one dimensional and requires contouring and highlighting to make my face look life-like again. I find this dries/sets pretty quickly, I applied powder bronzer onto it within 5 mins.

I’ve been using this foundation day in day out, it lasts me around 9 hours before the foundation on my nose wears off. I admit I have a rather oily t-zone thou! It is a shame, as I really want this to be perfect. It looks perfect, I just wish it can conquer my oily t-zone! Fusion Ink definitely lasts very well on rest of the face.
I reckon you really do not need to use a primer under this foundation. It would suit normal to slightly oily skin.

If you’re interested, make sure you get colour matched and use the foundation for a good few times. My friend got matched 3 different shades at 3 different places. So trust your own judgement on what shade you’re looking best in. Lovely ladies at the ysl counters work under some funny lighting. So give the foundation a chance by matching and checking your shade in natural day light.

Price: £30.50
Availability: Major department stores and YSL Beauty online
Overall Score: 4 out of 5

So, is this a futuristic perfection? To me, it isn’t yet. But I am very happy with this :D

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

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Memebox #24 Special Brightening Skincare Unboxing and First impressions #MyMemeboxAddiction

Memeboxes have LANDED! @iamcherrylemon

Memeboxes have LANDED! @iamcherrylemon

Hello there! Guess what has landed on my desk on Friday!! As and when I thought my work week couldn’t get any tougher… These pretty pink boxes arrived from memebox woohoo!

(If you have not heard of memebox, I have a short paragraph on what memebox is at the end of this blog post)

I am excited as I have not had much experience with Korean beauty and skincare, it is easier for me to obtain Japanese beauty bits. :) Not sure why but diving into this Korean beauty big pink space seems to satisfy my curiosity. I am looking forward to receiving more pretty pink boxes ;)

Today I will be unboxing and blog about first impressions on one of the restocked memeboxes, please note this is not a review post but merely an unboxing!  This post is to show you the box contents and if you are interested, you can look out for them in memebox next mass-restock day :)  or find the individual items either from Memeshop or other Korea online beauty stores. also sells some of these items!

Memebox #24 Brightening Skin Care

Memebox 24 Brightening Skin Care

Memebox 24 Brightening Skin Care

Brightening Skincare box description from Memebox website:

“There’s no denying that the gorgeous, even-toned and glowing complexion that we see on K-celebs comes from a great skin care routine. Before you can even consider choosing the perfect foundation or tackling those pesky hyperpigmented dark spots, you need to address how to even out and brighten up your complexion not matter what your skin color. So, learn the insider secrets to the latest Korean brightening skincare craze with skincare products that give you a smoother and brighter skin, minus the dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring! De-makeup and reveal radiant and even complexion without a hint of blemish!”

Memebox #24 Brightening Skin Care Unboxing and First Impressions @iamcherrylemon

Memebox #24 Brightening Skin Care Unboxing and First Impressions @iamcherrylemon

List of products, 4 full sizes and 1 one-use!

1. Eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence, full size, retail at $36

This is an essence, in which is to be applied after toner but before your serum. This essence has been described to help with whitening, brightening, moisturising, and contains anti-wrinkle ingredients. This looks and feels like a very good value product, at 50ml and in a glass bottle. It comes with a dropper for dispensing the essence. Ok, I don’t really like big bottles of anything, as everything has an expiry date, so the long it takes for me to use up a product, the less effective it will become! Anyhow, with first impression, this essence is light and has no scent (I can’t detect any).
You supposed to use 2 to 3 drops at a time, every day and night. I’ve been using more. … extending to cover my neckline. There’s so much product in that bottle so why not :P
I believe this item will take some time to get to work! So I cannot comment too much about it yet. I shall be continuing using this :)

First impression: 2.5 out of 5, not seeing immediate results yet

2. Finco Solution Spot treatment, full size, retail at $42

Is it wrong to be excited over a spot treatment? Er not for me. I have the occasional breakout just like anyone. But I also have this stubborn acne bump in the middle of my forehead, it just won’t go away. It took residency on my forehead for over 2 years now. So I’m constantly on a look out and try different acne/spot treatments all the time.

I have read good and not-so-good reviews on this product before I have received this box. But I am still hopeful for it.

I have been using this for just 2.5 days and it seems to be working its trick. The actual product itself smells very natural. Does anyone know what Elizabeth Arden Green Tea fragrance smells like? I know that’s ancient but that’s the closest scent description I have for it (for records, I was addicted to the green tea fragrance!).
I am being cautious here but I think I am going to love this very much! I shall report back with continuous usage!

First impression: 4 out of 5

3. Cleosis All in One Water Shining Finisher, full size retails at $39

What exactly is a finisher? Hmm… but this item claims to do what toner, moisturiser and primer can do, but all with just 1 product!? I am sceptical but I have tried it out twice so far.

When used under makeup, my skin feels smooth but I believe this is because of the hydration. My makeup did not last longer than normal.

When used on its own, it provides enough moisture all over, even on my drier patches. It did not feel too greasy nor drying, but it did take around 5mins to really sink in. Then my skin feels just right! Very pleased, but it does not contain any SPF so I will have to apply SPF separately.

First impression: 4 out of 5, a very useful product for busy days when you do not have time to layer on serum, moisturiser and primer!

4. Dermahouse Perfect Whitening Moisture Mask, full size and retails at $29

I love my masks :D This product claims to relieve red and uneven skin tones. You can use this as a 15mins mask or as an overnight sleep pack. I used this as an overnight pack and loving the results! Actually I love all overnight pacts :p I don’t know who came up with such genius idea, skincare while you sleep!

First impression: 3.5 out of 5, I can see this gaining a 5 pretty soon!

5. Ispren Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch, full size $3

This is a one-use item, so I don’t think I can count that as full size item! Anyhow, I have not used any eye or lip patch, and always intrigue to use these items! So, why haven’t I used these patches yet? Not sure, but I shall do and report back :)

All in all, a lovely beauty skincare box! The total retail value of this box is $149, the cost of the memebox is $23 plus shipping. So, is this a good box, definitely!

Coolio! That’s it for today. I am happy with this box contents and extremely glad about the spot treatment!

Have a lovely Monday :) and thank you for reading.

Cherry x


What is Memebox?

Memebox is an online Korean beauty box company and beauty product retailer. The company is based in South Korea and it has a HQ and warehouse in the states too. Memebox is not a subscription beauty box service. They have new boxes almost every other day and the boxes are either themed, designed around ingredients and YouTuber picks etc There are so many different ones to choose from.

Types of Memebox:

  1. Memebox – the normally cheaper box at around $23 + $6.99 shipping, contains full sized items as well as deluxe samples.
  2. Lucky Box – Contains popular items from past memeboxes, around $23 + Shipping
  3. Super Box – 5 to 8 full sized items, designed for memebox fanatics, anything from $29+ also plus shipping

Pros of memebox:

  • Chance to experience Korean beauty and skincare items
  • Great quality products, some are just too darn cute!
  • Good value (normally)

Cons of memebox:

  • Highly addictive, seriously .. addictive
  • Surprise items that are normally packaged in Korean language only (do you lose your description card from the box!)
  • Long waiting time (from you ordering your themed boxes until you are receiving them)




Nars make-up masterclass Make-up station March 2013 @iamcherrylemon

Nars make-up masterclass Make-up station March 2013 @iamcherrylemon

Hi hi :)
I got tagged by Steph from thinklovemakeup blog. She’s a really lovely lady whos very knowledgeable on skincare and makeup. I love reading her blogs, especially the “Monday Muse” posts! If you haven’t come across her blog,  make sure you pop over and say hi ;)

Tag Questions:

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I’ve started very late comparing to most bloggers. I remember my first experience with makeup was around 15yo, I *did* my brows as in “colouring them in”. .. yes they looked like 2 big slugs across my forehead.
Not best at being subtle at 15 hehe

2. How did you get into makeup?
I’m more of a skincare junkie, started using moisturisers in my early teens. Then discovered Clinque turnaround cream at 18! What’s there to turn at 18?!  No idea but I think it was way too early. Then I got sucked into using Estee Lauder and Gatineau :P
I got *really* into makeup just 2 years ago when my good friend asked me to be her bridesmaid but I had to do my own makeup. I didn’t want to look a right mess in someone’s wedding pictures (that’s a long lasting reminder that would keep coming back). So I panicked and studied for hours on YouTube on how to apply long lasting makeup and finding out what would suit me. On the day,  my effort wasn’t half bad ;P I loved it thanks to my trusty UD naked 2 palette!

3. What are some of your favourite brands?
I’m not too loyal to brands when makeup is concern. I’ll get what suits me and what works for me. But I do like Illamasqua, Dior, Burberry, makeup revolution and Rimmel :)

4. What does makeup mean to you?
Makeup does make me feel more confident, I feel confident when I’m looking extra nice and polished ;) but if I’m not in the office, I am happy to go out without any makeup on my face (more to do with giving my skin a break than anything). SPF is a must.
But I do love well groomed brows and a slick of red lippy ;)

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face, what would they be?
Rimmel brow pencil, Dolly Wink eye liner,  Bobbi Brown concealer and Rimmel lipstick.

6. What is your favourite thing about makeup?
I love how it can transform the look with slightest of change. I like how you can just wipe it off if you don’t like it. I like how I can do whatever I want and no one can tell me they don’t like it because only my opinion matters :P I’m known for lipsticks that are deemed “too red” and bright nails.

7. What do you think about drug-store makeup vs high end makeup?
I like both high end and drugstore as long as it works for me and didn’t break me out!
I normally would pay more on base products such as foundation

8. What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
Spend your money wisely! But more importantly, don’t take it so seriously, relax and its fun to play with makeup ;) Wear looks that you feel comfortable with, nothing worst than worrying about your flaking mascara when you’re on a date :P

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?
Well there are trends that I don’t follow, more for the reason I know I can’t pull it off nicely! Come on, not everyone will look cool with bright lips without eye liner to balance it off. Yes very modern and model-sque but that’s not me.

10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I used to be addicted to YouTube, I even watch it when I did my dishes! But with time you can tell who’s selling products and who’s really reviewing a product they’ve tried and loved. I spend less than 10 to 20 minutes watching youtube a week now. I prefer reading blogs :)

I would like to tag you, you, only if you fancy letting us know more about your relationship with makeup. When you’ve posted, let us know your link :D

Have a great weekend everyone!


NOTD Autumn Leaves Thermal manicure with Gold stamping details (Dance Legend Thermal polish no.170 and Barry M Foil Effects in Gold)

Happy Monday!! As we are edging into Autumn now, I have a very season-appropriate manicure for you :P A lovely gold floral design stamped over Dance legend thermal polish no. 170!

NOTD Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 and BornPretty Stamping Plate QA74 @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 and BornPretty Stamping Plate QA74 @iamcherrylemon

Dance Legend is a Russian company, I first came across this brand on FB nail groups. It seems like a reputable and well regarded brand for its products. Thermal no.170 is my first Dance Legend polish :) I wasn’t looking for a dark red but DL gets sold out prettty quickly on Rainbow Connection, this is the UK based nail supplies store I use. The original No 166 and 175 have been sold out and not available :I

Thermal no.170 is a dark red (almost black) polish, and it turns into a very warm red when temperature changes. This thermal polish is very sensitive and reactive, the colour changes instantly and even a drop of water can make it turn colours at the right temperature! The quality of this polish is fabulous. The gold accent was created using Barry M’s foil effects NSP320 (gold), a very easy to stamp-with polish.

The stamping plate I’ve used is from BornPretty, plate number QA74 and it costed me around $2.99 at the time of ordering. The shipping from BornPretty takes over 2 weeks but the price makes it to it :) I quite like this store, as the nail supplies are cheap and options are endless. (Actually, there are just so many choices available, I didn’t know where to start!). For 10% off your entire order at BornPrettyStore, use discount code FTL91.

Thermal and Stamping polishes and Stamping Plate QA74 @iamcherrylemon

Thermal and Stamping polishes and Stamping Plate QA74 @iamcherrylemon

I was going to stamp the floral pattern on all the nails, but since this is the first time I’m using Thermal no.170 I really wanted to see the colour changing property in its full glory. So I got only stamped over the accent nail on each hand and finished off with a coat of Seche Vite fast drying top coat.

Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 and BornPretty Stamping Plate QA74 @iamcherrylemon

Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 and BornPretty Stamping Plate QA74 @iamcherrylemon


NOTD Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 and BornPretty Stamping Plate QA74 (with flash) @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 and BornPretty Stamping Plate QA74 (with flash) @iamcherrylemon

Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 turning cold under the tap @iamcherrylemon

Dance Legend Thermal Polish no.170 turning cold under the tap @iamcherrylemon


I am typing this review blog post up after a full 7 days’ wear. On the 5th day it showed very minor tip wear so I am very happy with this polish! :D

Price: £9.80 (Rainbow Connection occasionally holds flash sales, I got this with 20% off)

Availability: UK – Rainbow Connections

Overall Score: A fabulous 4.5 out of 5!
I’m listening to the music “Autumn Leaves”, very jazzy!

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely day!



NOTD Ciaté London Shell Manicure “She sells seashells” photo swatch and a possible Dupe?

Ciate London Shell Manicure - She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

Ciate London Shell Manicure – She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

Hiya there :)
I lied in my last post, that wasn’t the last summer NOTD… this will be. I totally forgot I had this manicure photographed couple of weeks back. My bad!
I received this Shell Manicure set at my last clothes swap with my girley friends, where we swap clothes, makeup, shoes,  home stuff, general beauty etc. I love clothes swap as you might already know. .. We always have so much fun :)

I’ve only started playing with texture manis not that long ago. I’ve started with Caviar manicure, it’s 3D but not too practical. Very pretty thou ;)

“She Sells Seashells” is a very lovely mixture of pink based shell pieces, mostly pink but it also has green, yellow, purple and darker pink pieces. I probably didn’t use enough shell pieces :P

NOTD Ciaté London Shell Manicure - She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

NOTD Ciaté London Shell Manicure – She Sells Sea Shells @iamcherrylemon

Today’s shell is applied/completed in the same fashion as Caviar manicure. I have used Barry M’s Gelly nail paint in Grapefruit.

  1. Apply base coat and 1 coat of nail polish (your base colour)
  2. Apply 2nd layer of the nail colour and pour the shell pieces onto the nail while the polish is still wet.
  3. Press on the shell to make sure all pieces are secured.
  4. Apply top coat to protect your manicure.

Pressing on the shell pieces not only will secure its place, you’ll also flatten it so that nothing sharp with poke out.

Price: £20 (The Shell mani set comes with a bottle Fun Fair and a bottle of pink based shell mixture)

Availability: Ciate online, Debenhams

Overall Score: 3/5 :)


And the possible dupe! I went to Poundworld and found a pack of shell mixture in 6 different colours :) yup all for £1!

Shell mixture pots nailart pack, £1 for 6 colours from Poundworld @iamcherrylemon

Shell mixture pots nailart pack, £1 for 6 colours from Poundworld @iamcherrylemon

With the colour shell pieces, you can customise your own shell mani ;)

Poundworld Nail Art - Sea shell selection @iamcherrylemon

Poundworld Nail Art – Sea shell selection @iamcherrylemon


Pink shell pieces @iamcherrylemon

Pink shell pieces @iamcherrylemon


Thanks for reading and have a great Friday and weekend!

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Beginners DIY Stamping decals using Moyou London plates and Barry M Silks Nail Paints in Mist and Meadow photo swatch

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection Stamping Plates and Barry M Silk Nail Paints photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection Stamping Plates and Barry M Silk Nail Paints photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

Hello there :)
I’ve attempted to create DIY stamping decals, it looked so easy on YouTube tutorials. It’s not easy. Then again they are experts/gurus… but at least I had fun trying! (Please excuse the smudges! That’s what impatience do to nailart :p )

Plates used:
Graphic prints: Moyou London Princess collection 11 (for pointer)
Ice cream cone and Lolly prints: Moyou London Suki collection 3 (for middle and ring fingers)

Things I’ve learned:

  • Use any plate! Just pick a design that you can colour like a picture from the colouring book!
  • Stick with proper stamping polish for the stamping part (the outline), it will make life easier. I’ve used normal polishes for the fill in colours.
  • Have patience! It could take some practicing.
  • Again, have patience and wait for everything to dry before proceeding to the next step (I did rush and it ruin the decal and my painted nail! ).

There are a few methods in how to create stamping decals. Pick the one you think you can manage/master!

For this manicure, I’ve used Barry M’s Silks in Mist and Meadow. This will be my last summer inspired NOTD as it’s not summer where I live now :P

It’s almost sad having to pack away my summer bright colours. I’ve enjoyed summer nail arts. Next nail post? Autumn stamping manicure in full throttle!

Here’s another photo before I decide to add the ice cream cone and lolly print :P

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection 11 and Barry M Silk Nail Paints in Mist and Meadow photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

DIY Stamping Decals with Moyou London Princess Collection 11 and Barry M Silk Nail Paints in Mist and Meadow photo swatch @iamcherrylemon

Until then, take care :) Thanks for reading!


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